Importance of Eggs

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Think of eggs and the first thing that pings your mind is the rich amount of proteins that they provide to our body. We all make use of eggs in many dishes and recipes that we make everyday. Many dishes treat eggs as the main ingredient or more so as a binding ingredient. Omelets and half-boiled are everybody’s favorite.

When we make use of eggs so royally in our everyday lives, should we not know of some hidden facts about them? We bring to you some facts about eggs that many of us don’t know

Eggs are one of the richest sources of proteins and provide all kinds of proteins in the amount needed for proper functioning of the body. The egg protein is used as standard for checking the amount of protein in other food items.

Eggs are rich in Vitamin A, which is very important for the normal development and growth of all organs of the body.

The egg yolk specially is rich in Vitamin D that is indispensable in good bone development and mineral absorption.

Egg white contains Vitamin E in large quantity that helps to protect the body against some fatal diseases like heart diseases and cancer. Mojo para aceitunas canarias

A large quantity of phosphorous and iodine is also present in eggs that helps in adequate production of the thyroid hormones and maintain healthy development of the teeth and bones.

Albumin and gelatin are other important items that are present in eggs. These two elements help in proper functioning and metabolism of the body.

Egg contains cholesterol that provides lubrication for smooth functioning of all blood vessels in the body. A normal-sized egg contains 214 mg of cholesterol and therefore, people who have history of heart diseases, diabetes and obesity should limit their consumption of eggs to minimum

A substance called lutein is found in eggs, which protects the heart by reducing the rate of progression of atherosclerosis.

All these facts tell you that eggs are one of the most essential food items that help in proper and healthy functioning of all parts of our body. And since they are not very expensive to buy, eggs serve as the best medium to fulfill all essential requirements of the body related to nutrition.

Importance of Eggs

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