Importance Of Potassium In Your Diet

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Electrolytes or mineral salts are very essential for the body to ensure efficient functioning of the nervous system, muscles, kidneys and in maintaining the fluid balance in your body.

Potassium is one of the important sources of electrolyte and deficiency of this can cause weakness, fatigue, irregularities in the heart and in some cases problems in muscle coordination. The fist signs of potassium deficiency or hypokalemia is unexplained weakness.

Most of the time adequate potassium can be received from a healthy diet that includes fresh fruits, vegetables and is low in sodium. Hypokalemia is usually caused due to exessive fluid loss from the body that maybe because of sweating, diarrhea or due to certain starvation diets.

People who are into body building and heavy work out regime, have to take supplements or increase the potassium in their diet to replenish the lost electrolytes. Low potassium levels is also experienced in those who suffer from any renal problems or diabetes, as their body would have lost the ability to metabolize minerals efficiently.

Those who are in need of an additional source for potassium, will need to talk to their dietician or nutritionist and determine their specific needs from each food group.Food groups can be divided into three parts depending on the potassium levels in them.

Food items that contain high potassium is beneficial for those who lead a very active lifestyle and incur heavy fluid loss due to sweating. Those who are on a potassium restrictive diet should avoid these food completely or consume them only as advised by the nutritionist. Tatuajes Puerquitos

All forms of meat, poultry and fish contain good levels of potassium in them, fruits like avocado, banana, honey dew,tomatoes,prunes, oranges etc also have high levels of potassium content. Potatoes by itself has a high potassium in them, but this can be reduced if they are peeled and soaked overnight before cooking. Most people require just a moderate amount of potassium in their diet.

This is basically included in their daily diet, those who are advised low potassium diet should consume lesser servings of these food items, as advised by the dietician. Mushrooms, onions, asparagus, cherries, eggplant, grapefruit, green peas, watermelon, peaches etc all are examples of food items with moderate potassium levels.

Those who are on a low potassium diet and require low electrolyte in their food should include these food items in their diet as they are very low in potassium.Fruits like apples, most berries, plums, grapes all are low in potassium. Even vegetables like cabbages, cucumber, green beans, iceberg lettuce have low poassium levels in them.

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Importance Of Potassium In Your Diet

Electrolytes or mineral salts are very essential for the body to ensure efficient functioning of the nervous system, muscles, kidneys and in maintaining the fl





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