Italian Cookie Recipe You’ll Adore

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Sample a taste of Italy with these authentic cookie recipes that contain no preservatives and are incredibly healthy and delicious.

Polenta Italian Cookie Recipe

These semi-sweet cookies are tender and scrumptious with a nice crunchiness and texture due to the cornmeal ingredient.

Preparation Time- 30 minutes

Cooking Time- 20 minutes

Total Time- 50 minutes

Serves- 6

Softened/ room temperature butter (240 grams)

Confectioner’s sugar (70 grams)

Egg (A large-sized and an egg yellow)

Zest of lemon, thinly grated (a tablespoonful)

Vanilla (a teaspoonful)

Flour, all purpose (210 grams)

Coarse yellow corn meal or Italian Polenta (160 grams)

Salt (quarter teaspoon)


Properly combine together the initial four ingredients in a large-sized bowl using an electric blender until you notice fluffiness. Now pour in the vanilla extract and keep blending whilst constantly scraping off the mixture from the sides of the vessel and set it aside.

We commence by mixing together the dry ingredients such as the flour, corn meal and salt in a medium sized bowl. Its constituents must then be emptied in small batches into the moist ingredients placed in the large bowl and blended properly till all of it is used up. Finally, a spatula can be used for properly scouring off any remnants of the mixture from the sides of the bowl and forming the dough into a ball shape.

Place the dough into a pastry/icing bag that is fitted with a large star-shaped nozzle for piping the cookies. The thick dough must be squeezed out from the bag over a greased baking tray which has been lined with wax paper  to form S-shaped cookies that measure approximately three inch lengthwise and one inch in width. Ensure maintaining a gap of around two inches between the piped cookies.

Another alternative way is to manually form smallish balls of the dough which can then be squished down using the backside of a fork. Once all the cookies have been piped onto the baking sheet then place it inside the freezer for about thirty minutes for chilling and firming them. This helps in enhancing the flavour of the dough and allows it to rest.

The piped cookies should then be transferred to a pre-heated oven set at 350 degrees for about fifteen to eighteen minutes till the rims have slightly browned. Dig into the sheer goodness of these crispy Italian polenta cookies that are simply addictive.

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Pizzelle Italian Cookie Recipe

Pizzelle is a light, round and flat wafer/rosette cookie with Italian origins. It is a tasty option for weight watchers to indulge in without ending up with guilty pangs. Anise extract used in the recipe imparts slight licorice flavouring to these mouth-watering cookies.

Preparation Time- 15 minutes

Cooking Time- 20 minutes

Total Time- 35 minutes

Serves- 12

Flour, all purpose (420 grams)

Room temperature or melted butter (240 grams)

Anise extract (duo tablespoons)

Baking powder (four teaspoons)

Egg (six)

Confectioner’s sugar (150 grams)


With the help of an electric beater scrupulously combine the sugar along with the six eggs till fluffiness is noticed. The liquefied butter and the anise extract must now be stirred into the mixture. Sift the remaining duo dry ingredients together, namely the baking powder and all purpose flour and then slowly add a little amount at a time and combine well. Continue doing this till the entire batch of dry ingredients has been used up and you will essentially be left with gooey, viscous batter.

Your pizzelle maker (electric/stove top) must now be preheated (as per manufacturer’s advice) and then pour ladlefuls over it. After covering it, the batter should be cooked for around 1.5 minutes or till vapours are no longed emitted from the device. In a careful manner take out the pizzella and allow it to return to room temperature. For retaining their freshness and crispness always keep pizzelle rosettes in airtight containers placed at room temperature.

Italian Cookie Recipe You’ll Adore

Sample a taste of Italy with these authentic cookie recipes that contain no preservatives and are incredibly healthy and delicious.





Italian Cookie Recipe You’ll Adore

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