Jalebi Recipe

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Jalebi is one of the yummiest items that India can offer. It is sugar dipped, sweet and round in shape. People have this snack in special occasions and calibrations.

In India, normally, it is served hot along with yogurt.   Making Jalebi is not a difficult task, but it needs little more time. If you have necessary ingredients in your kitchen and patients to prepare such an item, you can make it easily. This article gives step by step instructions which will help you to make luscious Jalebi with your own hand.


All purpose flour 2 cups

Semolina 2 tablespoon

Baking powder

Yogurt 2 tablespoon

Saffron, (roasted and powdered) ½ teaspoon

Sugar 3 cups

Green cardamom seeds powder ½ teaspoon

Rose water 1 ½  tablespoon.

Vegetable oil

Boiled water (hot)



First you have to put the flour, semolina, and curd in a bowl to mix them. Add required water and a pinch of baking powder to it. Then, mix them well with your own hand. Add saffron powder and mix them well until it become smooth (you can use more water if it is required). Buraka Som Sistema - Kalemba kalemmba - wiki wiki wiki fama

Now, keep aside this mixture for at least one and half hours (the mixtures need to be fermented). Now, you have to make syrup with sugar. Take a bowl of hot water and add sugar melting it well.  Then, mix the cardamom powder and saffron in it.

Now, take a griddle and heat the oil in a medium flame. When the oil is hot enough, pour the mixture through a whole making a circular shape (You can use a coconut shell with a hole to do it). Make only two or three at a time. Then, you have to deep fry the circular shaped mixtures until they get a golden color.

Make sure that you take out them before they get browned. When these circular pieces are fried well, drain them and soak in the syrup (You need to put them in the syrup at least 4 minutes to get it immersed well). When you take them out from the syrup, the Jalebi is ready to be served. You can serve the hot Jalebi with yogurt.

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Jalebi Recipe

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