Jams And Marmalades: Healthy Breakfast’s Spreads

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When you are on strict deity and yet crave for tasty food you left with option to eat food which is healthy and nutritious, simultaneously provide energy to continue with your dieting regime. In strict diet plan from your snacks to main course, should be healthy and contain fewer calories.

Hence mention below some favorite yet healthy breakfast spreads to be eaten with breads and toast. Jams and Marmalades are known to be favorite of all and fruits being main contents are healthy for body as well.

Orange Marmalade

Ingredients: six oranges, two cups of grounded sugar, two cups of water, half teaspoon of citric acid, three to four seeds of sodium benzoate, juliennes of oranges, chopped in long and thin pieces.

First begin with peeling the oranges and removing white portion of the rind evenly separate into pieces. Into the boiling water add all the oranges and steam them for about one hour with closed lid of the pan. After boiling the oranges thoroughly separate the pulp of oranges using the tea strainer. Add the grounded sugar into pulp and boil again for ten minutes.

In separate pan boil the juliennes of oranges adding the citric acid, sodium benzoate and preservatives. Add this mixture to orange sweet pulp and boil till marmalades gets dense. As final step using the plastic funnel pour the Marmalade in a jar with tight lid. You can enjoy the healthy orange fruit Marmalade with bread or toast.

Mix fruits Jam

Ingredients: Half kegs of mix fruits; Orange, apple, pear, peach, kiwi, papaya, mango, grapes, banana, pineapple and strawberry. Half kegs of grounded sugar, one cup water, half teaspoon of citric acid and as preservative few seeds of sodium benzoate.

Peel all the fruits and boil in one cup of water and steam them with closed lid for about twenty minutes. In middle of boiling process add the citric acid, sugar and sodium benzoate and in between keep steering the mix after every two minutes interval. For about another half our cook the fruites mix till it gets gel and becomes dense. Once it gets cold store in glass jar potted with paraffin wax.

Jams And Marmalades: Healthy Breakfast’s Spreads

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