Karahi Chicken

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You might have tasted a lot of luscious dishes made with chicken, but you need to have another one called Karahi chicken which will make you fascinated with its outstanding taste. 

Karahi chicken is a delicious dish from Punjab which is extremely popular in all over India. Like all other chicken recipes, it can also be an excellent entrée in your dinner.

There are different ways to prepare Karahi chicken. If you have all the required ingredients in your kitchen, Karahi chicken can be prepared very easily with your own hands. Prepare it for your next dinner by following the step by step instructions described in this article.


Chicken 500 gms

Onions 5

Tomatoes 5

Turmeric powder 1/2 teaspoon

Red chili powder 1 teaspoon

pepper 1 teaspoon

Garlic flakes 4

Ginger 1

vegetable oil


Coriander leaves


First, wash the chicken properly and cut into medium sizes (It’s better if you cut it into a size little smaller than the medium size). Then, keep those chicken pieces aside. Now, make a paste of ginger and garlic putting them in a grinder.

You can cut the ginger into small pieces before you put it in the grinder (so that you can grind them easily). After making the paste, keep it aside. Then, take a pan and heat it adding vegetable oil into it.

Now, you have to add turmeric powder, pepper, red chili powder and garlic paste to the pan and stir them well. You can add required salt in this stage and fry this mixture for some time.

Now, take the chicken pieces you cut earlier and add them into the pan stirring it well. You have to increase the flame and cook it for some time. Then, chop the onions and tomatoes properly.

When the chicken pieces become soft and get a brown color, add them to the pan and stir well. You need to cook this mixture at least for five minutes.

After that, remove the pan from fire and pour it to a serving plate.

Your Karahi Chicken is ready to be served. Chop the coriander leaves and garnish the hot Karahi Chicken with it before you serve it.

Karahi Chicken

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