Lactose Intolerance: Switch to Soy Milk

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Lactose intolerance is a condition when your body cannot metabolize lactose, a type of sugar that is found in milk. This happens because the digestive system lacks an enzyme called lactase which is necessary to break down the sugar lactose.

In such cases, this sugar moves directly to the colon and the bacteria present in the colon starts breaking it down and fermenting it, which causes production of huge amount of gases like methane, hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

This causes discomfort in the abdominal region leading to stomach pain, cramps and bloating. It also raises the osmotic pressure of the colon.

Lactose intolerance is not a disease and doesn’t pose any threat to human life but it can be troublesome and uncomfortable many times. To minimize this problem, milk alternatives should be used.

Go for soy milk:

Soy milk is one such product which can be used as a replacement for milk. Soy milk is similar to normal milk, except that it doesn’t contain any lactose. Most of the commercial packs have some extra sweetener added to them, which can make you worried about the calories.

If you are calorie conscious then it’s better to avoid sweetened soy milk. Additionally you can choose skimmed or fat free soy milk to avoid calories.

Other benefits of Soy milk:

The calcium content in soy milk is quite similar to that of normal milk. Since it is plant based, it contains no cholesterol and also is low on saturated fats.

This makes it a heart healthy food and doesn’t pose any risk of heart diseases. Soy milk is also rich in proteins and isoflavones (which are similar to estrogen).

Studies have shown that women who consume soy milk or other soy products have less chances of developing breast, colon and prostate cancer.

With added vitamins and different flavors, soy milk is becoming a popular choice of people. It is readily available in most of the food stores.

Make it at home:

Soy milk can be easily prepared at home, as well, by soaking whole dry soy beans or soy flour in water overnight.

The next day grind it in a wet grinder and after adding ten cups of water to every cup of this paste, bring it to a boil. Filter it to remove insoluble matter, and its ready. You can also add different flavors and nutrients to increase its nutritional value.

Lactose Intolerance: Switch to Soy Milk

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