Lend Some Zing To Your Diet With Avocado Nutrition

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If you thought Mexico’s biggest contribution to your dietary spectrum were the yummy nachos, tacos and enchiladas, think twice. The avocado, a fruit that was native to Mexico, has now been revealed as one of Mexico’s best kept culinary secrets.

Not only does it lend an exclusive flavor that enthralls your taste buds, but avocado nutrition has been proven to be highly effective in replenishing many of your body’s dietary needs. Avocado nutrition contains many essential nutrients that accentuate your daily nutritional intake, like essential fats, fibers and salts like potassium.

In fact, avocado nutrition can effectively prevent oxidation within your body, keeping your metabolism healthy and active. It also boosts up your blood serum concentration, and offers your body the much-needed good cholesterol (High Density Lipoprotein) agents. Considered a mega-fruit, or a super-fruit, the avocado has long been a part of most traditional salad preparations.

There have been cases where people have been mislead from their partial awareness of essential avocado nutrition facts, and have avoided avocado due to their high fat content. However, what the avocado nutrition facts explicitly mentions is that when had in moderation, the avocado is a tremendously potent source of useful, non-carbohydrate fat and energy.

The avocado is also amazing for your eyes as it contains lutein anti-oxidant deposits, for the heart due to essential fatty acids and HDL and for the hair and skin due to high vitamin and salt content. Despite what the avocado nutrition facts might suggest on the surface, it is actually a very good source of fiber as well, which in fact facilitates easier digestion and extraction of essential nutrients from food.

In fact, dieticians have often been prescribing Avocado diet for weight loss, exactly due to the high fat content of avocado. Because it can provide most of the body’s calorific requirements (50 calories in a one-inch avocado slice), your metabolism adapts itself to crave less food.

Also, the Avocado Diet for weight loss takes into advantage the high fiber content of avocado, which makes the body break down and digest food easier, and extract the essential nutrients form food quicker. When consumed together with moderate servings of avocado, it gives the body the necessary energy, thereby keeping away unhealthy fat.


Lend Some Zing To Your Diet With Avocado Nutrition

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