Minerals For Menopause

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Menopause is a natural process and all women have to go through this phase after they attain the age of 40. The word menopause is like nightmare to many women because of health problems associated with it. But you can combat its complications with healthy life style and healthy diet.

Apart from Vitamins like A, B, C, D & E you need some vital minerals during your menopause to run your daily life smoothly. Given below are vital minerals for menopause.

Calcium and Zinc: Calcium is very important mineral for healthy teeth and bones. When menopause occurs, it leads to bone loss due to reduced estrogen level. To avoid bone loss and osteoporosis, you need calcium in sufficient amount. Milk and its products are its good sources. You can also consume fishes like sardines and salmon, if you are non-vegetarian.

Calcium can only be absorbed from your food if you do exercise regularly and vitamins like Vitamin D and Vitamin C are present in your food or body. Zinc too helps in preventing bone loss and osteoporosis. Pumpkin seeds, wheat germ and eggs are good sources of zinc.

Selenium: It is one of the most vital nutrients needed by your body because it is a very powerful antioxidant which fights and prevents various diseases like cancer and heart diseases. For women it is very beneficial in preventing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Though selenium is found in foods like tomato, Brazil nuts and broccoli, one of the best sources of selenium is garlic. Oatmeal too is highly rich in selenium.

Iron: Iron is another vital mineral which you need in sufficient quantity during your menopause phase. It improves your blood circulation, supplies oxygen and other nutrients to all your body parts due to which your brain functions properly and hair loss is also prevented. It gives you relief from sad mood and depression during menopause. Dark green leafy vegetables and some non vegetarian foods such as liver, red meat etc are good sources of iron.

Magnesium: It is an important mineral which fights osteoporosis. Menopause also causes obesity which may lead to Type 2 diabetes but magnesium prevents it. It is also beneficial in combating depression, stress and diseases related with arteries. Lemons, soybeans, grapefruits, dark green vegetables are rich in magnesium.

Apart from above mentioned minerals, manganese, phosphorous etc are also equally needed during menopause.

Minerals For Menopause

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