Mouth-watering Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

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Kung pao has its origin, in Sichuan province of central China but was subsequently adopted throughout the world. Kung pao chicken can be made in many varieties.

Ingredients used will vary depending on the variety used. For example, some versions of this chicken can be prepared by using peanuts while others use cashew nuts so also some versions have vegetables, others are made without any vegetables. The traditional Kung pao chicken is usually deep fried, however now a days for healthier reasons, this recipe uses stir fried chicken.

Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

Preparation time- half an hour

Cooking time- twenty minutes

Total time- fifty minutes

Skinless and boneless chicken breasts- two breasts weighing seven to eight pounds

Ingredients for Marinade

Soy sauce- two teaspoons

Dry sherry or Chinese rice wine- two teaspoons

Sesame oil- one teaspoon

Corn starch- one and a half teaspoons

Ingredients for Sauce

Dark soy sauce- two tablespoons

Dry sherry or Chinese rice wine- two teaspoons

Sugar- one teaspoon

Other Ingredients

Small dried red chili peppers- eight

Garlic cloves- two

Green onions (scallions or spring onions) – two

Oil for stir frying- four tablespoons

Szechuan peppercorn- one teaspoon (optional)

Cashews or peanuts- half cup

Sesame oil- few drops (optional)

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Directions to Prepare Kung Pao Chicken

The chicken breasts should be cut in to one inch sized cubes and mix these cut pieces with the marinade ingredients, barring corn starch. Combine the entire ingredients well and sprinkle the corn starch over the chicken pieces and mix them well. Keep the marinated chicken for half an hour.

In the meantime, prepare the sauce and vegetables for the Kung pao chicken. Take a small bowl and mix rice wine, sugar and dark soy sauce and keep aside.

Peel the garlic and chop them finely. Similarly cut the red chilies across so that the cut chilies have the same size as that of the chicken cubes. Thereafter, remove seeds and keep them aside. The green onions have to be cut diagonally in to three pieces.

Keep a wok on medium to high flame and pour two tablespoons of oil in to the wok. Once the oil gets heated, add the chicken cubes and stir fry. Stir fry the chicken pieces till they becomes white or is about eighty percent cooked. Then remove the wok from the flame and keep aside.

Now, get a large frying pan and add two tablespoons of oil. Once the oil is hot, add the garlic and fry them till an aromatic flavor comes out, in about thirty seconds. After this, add the chili, pepper and one teaspoon Szechuan pepper corn. Fry the contents till they become dark red.

Add the prepared sauce in to the wok and boil the entire contents. Then add the chicken in the pan along with the sauce.  Combine the fried peanuts with the chicken and sprinkle green onions on top of the chicken. Remove the chicken from the heat and add some sesame oil if preferred.  Your Kung pao chicken is now ready to serve.

Mouth-watering Kung Pao Chicken Recipe image 1

Mouth-watering Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

Kung pao has its origin, in Sichuan province of central China but was subsequently adopted throughout the world. Kung pao chicken can be made in many varieties





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