Nutrition During Pregnancy

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We all know that during pregnancy, women needs proper nutrition for the right growth and development of her baby. Various changes taking place in a pregnant woman during her pregnancy periods are not only anatomical, but also physiological in nature. Pregnancy is undoubtedly a very crucial time in woman’s life and she should take proper care of her and her diet. Read the article below that guides you on nutrition during pregnancy.


Protein requirement is important both for expecting mother and for her baby. Keep in mind that during the early and mid pregnancy stages, the protein starts getting stored in expecting mother’s body. During the last stages of pregnancy, the foetus grows and develops rapidly and makes use of protein reserve stored in body. So make sure pregnant women takes good amount of protein rich food item in her diet.


Remember that calcium and phosphorous are two major minerals that should be regularly taken by expecting mother. Intake of calcium helps in formation of healthy teeth and bones. Calcium is especially needed for the healthy bone formation of the foetus. Iron is another important mineral required for the healthy development of body.

Fat and energy:

During the pregnancy stage, fat deposits in pregnant woman, which is further used by body during lactation period for the formation of milk. Normally the calories intake increases by 300 during pregnancy stages, but this too also depends upon individual to individual. An underweight mother needs to consume more calories than normal. It is best to consult the doctor to know about the perfect calorie intake by a pregnant woman.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is very important for carrying out the body functions in proper way. Regular intake of vitamin A rich food items helps in improving vision and maintenance of nervous equilibrium.

Remember that well balance diet is very much important for the proper development of baby. Pregnant women should avoid alcohol consumption, tobacco, and caffeine totally from her diet. In addition, she should stay away from raw eggs, smoked seafood, fish with mercury in her diet. Even raw shellfish, unwashed vegetables, soft cheese, fish exposed to industrial pollutants should also be restricted from the diet of pregnant women.

Nutrition During Pregnancy

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