Nutrition for Cancer Patients

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As we all know that our health depends on proper diet and nutrition. Diet plays a very important role in talking care of our health and preventing various diseases. Loss of diet can lead to malfunctioning of the body and thus severe illness.So we should all take good care of our food habits. Cancer is such a deadly disease that it should be taken special care of.

Proper nutrition is very important for cancer patients. Their diet should be suggested by a physician. The reason why diet factor comes into play for these patients is – proper diet will strengthen the immune system of the body and thus prevent the cancerous cells to become active and spread destruction in the whole body.Here is the list of proper diet that is best recommended for Cancer patients.

When the cancer is first diagnosed, diet may include whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruits and fish. These foods are generally low in fat and high in fiber and protein. Vegetables can be eaten raw steamed or juiced. The patients should intake at least 1 to 2 servings of leafy vegetables per day.

Good vegetables include- mustard greens, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, collard etc. It is generally recommended to bake or steam sweet potatoes or yams, asparagus, carrots, peppers, tomatoes and spinach. Gimnasio Atlas Gym en Naron

These kinds of leafy green vegetables contain high amount of fiber and beta carotene which acts as a vital force in prevention of cancer. Thus we can see vegetables fight cancer.

Now about the fresh fruits, fruits should be generally taken with meals about 1-2 servings per day. Fruits may be dried, chopped or cooked. Fruit juice will also work fine in these conditions.

Fruits that are generally recommended are – lemons, mango, oranges, apples, apricots, bananas, pears, prunes, strawberries etc. Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove the skin of the fruit and eat.

Another thing that acts as a vital medicine for cancer, is baked beans or peas. The patient should have at least one cup – 2 servings of baked peas or kidney beans daily in their diet, as it is very rich in fiber and stimulates the body. There are different kinds of beans available in the market such as black beans, white beans and soya beans. Any one of them may be included in the patient’s diet.

Nutrition for Cancer Patients

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