Opt For The No Starch Diet To Keep Blood Sugar Under Control

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Depending on individual requirements, different types of diet plans have been devised. The No Starch diet is one such variety that is particularly useful for diabetics or insulin resistant people. The main idea behind this kind of a diet plan is to keep the blood glucose level within bounds.

And in order to meet this goal, this diet plan calls for a considerable reduction of starch consumption which eventually helps to keep the insulin level under control. The No Starch diet plan, devised by Jerry Sobieraj, focused on the well being of diabetics or insulin resistant people. The main idea behind this diet was to find out the effects of starch on blood glucose and insulin levels.

Starch essentially is found naturally in various fruits and vegetables. It basically consists of sugar molecules that have been linked with each other. And whenever you consume a food with high starch content, it is broken down to sugar. As the enzymes convert the starch into sugar, the blood glucose levels rise considerably. Due to this response, the insulin level in the blood also rises, making it very difficult for diabetic patients. Therefore, to prevent such a situation, The No Starch diet plays a very important role.

Basics of the No Starch Diet

In order to follow the No Starch Diet, you must be focused on eating foods that does not affect your glucose insulin system. This diet plan does not impose restrictions on the consumption of meat based products. So, whether it is chicken, red meat or seafood, you can have all of it. And if you love to have fish, don’t forget to include some fish as well. This diet plan also stresses on the consumption of lots of fruits and vegetables.

You can opt for fruits of your choice and therefore, you can have everything from bananas and grapes to melons and berries. Even green vegetables like spinach, lettuce and other colourful veggies must form an essential part of your diet plan. But, make sure that you are not loading your diet with vegetables such as potatoes, peas and corn. These have extremely high starch contents and must never be included in your No Starch Diet.

The No Starch Diet also permits the consumption of different types of nuts. However, you cannot have an unlimited amount of nuts. It must be restricted to one ounce per day. Even dried fruits can be included in your diet. But, canned fruits should be strictly kept out of bounds. These are often preserved with a lot of sugary substances that may increase the blood sugar levels.

Dairy products like yogurt, cottage cheese and low fat milk can also form a part of your No Starch Diet plan. Along with this, you may also include different varieties of legumes like navy beans, kidney beans, black eyed peas or other legumes of your choice. Eggs can also form a part of this diet plan.

Food Restrictions That Must Be Followed

The No Starch Diet is basically a diet plan that relies heavily on foods that are free from starch and have low carbohydrate contents. So, foods like rice, bread, pasta, noodles, potatoes, breakfast cereals, cookies, crackers, beverages, junk food and sweets should be completely eliminated from the diet. Instead enrich your food habit with lots of healthy proteins obtained from fish, eggs and lean meat like chicken and turkey. ¿Cómo puedo acelerar mi metabolismo para perder peso?

However, you must not mistake this unique diet plan with weight loss plans. Though, weight loss plans also depend on low carbohydrate foods, there are restrictions regarding the consumption of all kinds of meats and even unlimited intake of vegetables is not permitted by the weight loss plans. Therefore, the No Starch Diet focuses solely on the well being of diabetics and insulin resistant people.

The Benefits Of Following a No Starch Diet

Though the No Starch Diet has been developed keeping in mind the needs of diabetics, others can also opt for this healthy diet plan. As it emphasizes the importance of having no starch foods, sugar consumption is largely controlled and prevents the accumulation of excess sugar in the blood. When the body is unable to process the excessive sugar obtained from starch based foods, it gets stored as fat and this results in considerable weight gain.

So, obese people always have greater chances of having diabetes and if you think that the pounds are catching up, stop consuming foods that have high starch content. Restrict the intake of rice, breads, pastas and noodles. Since these are often taken as staple diets, try to modify your eating habits by supplementing healthy alternatives in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, eggs, milk, yogurt and legumes. And if you are religiously following this routine for a certain period of time, you may also notice some weight loss.

The low starch or No Starch Diet is also a low GI or low Glycemic Index diet. That is, it includes food that keeps the Glycemic Index under control. The Glycemic Index is basically a measure that helps to gauge the effect of starch or sugary food on the blood sugar levels.

As the individual gets used to a No Starch diet, there is a considerable improvement in the Glycemic Index and insulin sensitivity is gradually reduced, resulting in a fitter and healthier body. This diet plan is also known to have favourable effects on cardiovascular health. The lipid profile of an individual is largely affected due to the consumption of starch based foods. So, switching to a No Starch Diet actually helps to maintain a healthy lipid profile.

Therefore, the No Starch Diet can be considered to be a healthy diet plan that favours well being. Whether it is for checking the blood sugar levels, maintaining a healthy heart or losing weight, this kind of a diet plan is largely responsible for keeping the body in good shape. However, you must always remember that all diets do not work for everybody. Hence, before indulging in any diet program, do consult your physician and be well advised.

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Opt For The No Starch Diet To Keep Blood Sugar Under Control

Depending on individual requirements, different types of diet plans have been devised. The No Starch diet is one such variety that is particularly useful for d






Opt For The No Starch Diet To Keep Blood Sugar Under Control

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