Organic Vegetables – To Buy Or Not To Buy

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While shopping for vegetables at the local supermarket, you must have wondered whether to buy organic vegetables or not. The fact still remains that even though buying organic vegetables is associated with steeper grocery bills, it is also associated with having good health benefits over the years.

Organic vegetables are grown without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers
and thus cost more than crops grown with pesticides and chemicals fertilizers as the yield in organic vegetables is lower and more prone to getting destroyed by pests, which increases the risks for the farmer, hence a higher price.

The vegetables grown by regular farming techniques which absorb the most pesticides and chemical fertilizers include Celery, Bell peppers, Spinach, kale and potatoes. Pesticides usually get absorbed in these vegetables and can leave trace residual amounts.

Also the nutrient levels in the non – organic veggies were a lot lower than that of the organic vegetables. Nutrients like Vitamin C, Iron and Zinc are almost 40 percent higher in organic vegetables and organic produce like berries and corn contained almost 60 per cent more polyphenols than their counterparts grown using fertilizers and pesticides. P!nk - Get the party started (Pink)

The reason that organic vegetables have higher nutrient content than non-organic produce is because organic farming techniques let the vegetable plant grow on its own natural pace, utilising the Nitrogen from the soil and developing nutrients.

This is not so in the case of vegetables which are grown using fertilizers as they grow up faster and do not spend the required time in manufacturing nutrients and thus mature quickly but do not have high nutrient content.

For those who cannot fit organic vegetables entirely into their grocery budget, can go in for a pick and chose option. i.e. buy those vegetables which have the highest pesticide residue from the organic vegetable section and buy the ones with the least pesticide absorption from the regular vegetable section.

This will ensure that you significantly reduce your intake of chemicals. For this, you can go in for organic potatoes, spinach, kale, celery and green beans. The least contaminated veggies include onion, sweet corn, sweet peas, asparagus, eggplant and cabbage and you can choose to buy these from the non organic vegetables section.

Organic Vegetables – To Buy Or Not To Buy

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