Prevent Osteoporosis Through Diet

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A disease by which human bones become brittle and fragile is called Osteoporosis. In this condition, if timely and proper treatment is not given, then the chances of breaking the effected bones are very much on the higher side. Most of the time the fracture or broken bones occur in the spine, wrist and hip. Hospitalization and even major surgcausery may be required for a hip fracture. Patients who are having osteoporosis will loose their ability to walk without assistance which even may ultimately lead to permanent disability or death. Weight loss and severe back pain are due to the spinal or vertebral fractures.

For maintaining healthy bones and prevention of bone loss and osteoporosis, it is advisable to eat the minimum recommended quantity of required nutrients on a daily basis. We have to assure that our diet should contain the sufficient vital bone building foods.

A variety of fruits contain minerals and those who eat fruits are found to have higher bone mineral density than those eating less fruits.  While calcium in take is a vital factor for the bone health, health of the bone is also dependent on important factors like the proper acid/alkaline balance.  Green leafy vegetables are a rich source of calcium and other nutrients. Soup made of a variety of dark green leafy vegetables as the ingredients will be a good diet for osteoporosis.

Vitamin D helps the phosphorous and calcium absorption and regulates the normal bones calcification. Needless to mention that deficiency of Vitamin D in human body can be prevented by allowing sunshine at least for half an hour a day.  For bone mineralization vitamin D is an important factor.

A drink taken occasionally might be good for our bone strength. Grain foods might be a good contribution to deficiencies of minerals like calcium, iron and zinc. For those who want to loose weight, daily exercise is a good method to keep their bones strong and healthy and for them it is advisable the restriction of over calorie diets.

Persons who eat a lot of nutrient rich fruits, vegetables and other good food stuffs have the best bone health. Hence they are not to be concerned with osteoporosis.

Prevent Osteoporosis Through Diet

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