Probiotic Food for Fitness

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While preparing a nutritious breakfast you try to keep everything that’s healthy on the menu but still sometimes this healthy breakfast is difficult to digest and you feel acidity or indigestion.

Eating medicines gives a short term relief but if there is something that can remove the problem from roots then that definitely needs a mention.

One cannot rely on medicines for life time. Medicines also have side effects on our body. Here comes the Pro biotic food category that exactly helps us to solve this problem. Rather then putting our brains to what food categories leads to acidity and which lead to bloating if we simply add pro biotic to our diet it can resolve all problems.

What is Pro biotic Food ?

Our body consists of numerous types of bacteria and microorganisms. Pro biotic dietary supplements help to culture good bacteria like Lactobesicals which are in more active stage then they are in regular lactose based products like curd or buttermilk. Pro biotic comes in the form of tablets as well in the form of milk, curd, juice and soya drinks.

Benefits of Pro biotic Food Tomtom Runner Cardio.html

  • By including pro biotic food in the daily diet, body gets internally stronger as your stomach and intestines are not susceptible to any bacterial attack.  This kind of food is good for any age group from a baby to old person. But while including this in your diet do take your doctors opinion.

  • It helps to cure the chronic diarrhea problem that’s most common in children’s.

  • Few children find it difficult to digest milk and milk based products. The cultured bacteria in Pro biotic help to digest the milk.

  • It helps the regular problem of constipation and acidity as well.

  • It boosts the over all immunity of body .

Natural Sources of Pro biotic foods.

  • Curd: It’s the natural source of pro biotic food that helps in your digestion. Include curd or yogurt in your daily breakfast.

  • Buttermilk. This is another source. Mix some fresh fruits and drink as a smoothie or just drink it plain after lunch.

  • Brewer yeast: Its used in making fruit bears and is an excellent source of pro biotic bacteria culture. It keeps the nutrition of fruits intact.

Probiotic Food for Fitness

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