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One of the most controversial beverages that almost every one enjoys is coffee. Many researches have taken place to prove that coffee is either bad or it is good for our health. All the scientists have been experimenting on the effects of coffee on our health, but till date they haven’t been able to prove anything with surety.

But, just ask yourself one question. If coffee was so bad for us, why almost every adult consumes it on a daily basis? Why are there so many coffee shops that have open these days? It is also said that, seven out of ten people drink more than three cups of coffee per day. There are almost more than a million people who would love a cup of coffee in the morning before they leave for their respective jobs.


Coffee must be having some negative effects on our health. But, they are not of that much serious matter. The information on the effects of coffee on our health goes in multiple directions. At the end of the day, you are the one who has to decide whether coffee has bad effect on your health or not.

There have been a lot of studies on the effects of coffee. Some of them have been discussed in this article below.


Coffee can offer protection against diabetes. This was stated by one of the researches. It can also help in reducing the risk of heart diseases. Coffee makes one really active as it increases the energy level in our body. It also contributes for better alertness and improved mood for a person. People who consume coffee on a regular basis tend to live longer and also they have less chances of having liver cancer. These are some of the studies which have shown positive results.


One should know that consuming too much caffeine can be bad for our health. Hence, it should be consumed in certain limits, which also you will have to decide for your self. There is one report which states that coffee has chances of being linked to heart diseases. Excess of caffeine can also cause hypertension.

Health Effects of Coffee Makers

Now days, making coffee has become really easy as there are a lot of coffee making machines in the market. All have different limits, that is, some coffee machines can make twelve to fifteen cups and some can make just a few cups. Due to the increasing markets there are a lot of coffee machines of different variety. But one common thing about them is that, most of them use ‘’discs’’. Coffee machines using discs have there pros and cons.

Only one cup at a time can be brewed by coffee machines that use discs. They make coffee really fast as compared to ordinary coffee machines. These discs have different kinds of flavor also. These can be replaced also. There are many types of variety in the market. Plus, maintenance of these coffee making machines is really easy.

So, if the machine is being used by an individual only, then it is really easy for him/her. There are some drawbacks to these machines which use discs. If the machine is required to make coffee for a large number of people, then the job gets really tiring and slow. This is because from these machines, at a time only one cup can be made. Also, the price of coffee machines using discs is very high as compared to regular coffee making machines. Guia y trucos de Tiktok

At the end, the choice differs from person to person. Some people live alone, for them; coffee machines using discs are useful. Some live in a large group, with friends or families, for them regular coffee making machines are useful as they can make a lot more than one cup at a time. Some people will not want to spend a lot on these machines, so, they will prefer regular coffee making machine.

Some Advantages of Drinking Coffee

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The best thing about coffee is that it has got natural anti – oxidant content to some percentage. There are many people who drink many cups of tea in one day for anti – oxidants. Well, try having coffee, only two cups a day is sufficient. This anti – oxidant which is present in coffee is also helpful in preventing some types of diseases. Coffee can also help you fighting cancer. This is also due to the anti – oxidant present in them.

Coffee helps in increasing concentration. This is really helpful for students. It also helps people at work. By drinking coffee people get energized. That is why most of the people drink a cup of coffee every morning. So, they are fully energized to go to work. It also acts as an anti – depressant agent. It helps you to relax and increases your focus. It is said that, the aroma of coffee is also helpful to some people. The aroma also helps in relaxation. There are many advantages of drinking coffee.

Some Disadvantages Of Drinking Coffee

Coffee contains caffeine. Well, this a side effect because too much of consumption of caffeine can cause addiction. This can be harmful. Drink coffee moderately. About two to three cups a day is sufficient enough.

Excess of drinking coffee can cause nervousness.

Researchers say that if a person has a lot of coffee without any solids, then it can cause a lot of problems to his/her stomach. As too much intake of coffee causes nervousness and depression, therefore, it can also be the reason for heart damage. This is because coffee increases heart rate.


Is coffee harmful for a person or not? Well, the answer to this question will differ individually. A lot of people will say that coffee is harmful, and a lot of people will be against this statement. If you want to drink coffee, do not drink it in excess. Keep a limit of 3 cups a day.

Pros And Cons Of Drinking Coffee

Pros And Cons Of Drinking Coffee

One of the most controversial beverages that almost every one enjoys is coffee. Many researches have taken place to prove that coffee is either bad or it is go





Pros And Cons Of Drinking Coffee
Pros And Cons Of Drinking Coffee

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