Quick To Make Chicken Curry Recipe

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Chicken curry is one of a typical lip smacking Indian gravy. It is one of the most basic non veg dishes prepared in everyday Indian cuisine. It is prepared with chicken and spices.

It is best accompanied with wheat bread or rice. It is easy to cook and makes a wholesome meal. Chicken curry is rich in protein and is liked equally by children and adults.

The nutritional benefits of this dish has been undermined but I will say the fine blend of all the spices not only makes this dish tasty but very nutritious too. Here is an easy chicken curry recipe.

Ingredients Required

1 Kg Chicken with or without bone.

3-4 medium sized onions,2 tablespoon ginger  and garlic paste,3 big tomatoes.

½ table spoon each of Poppy seeds, Fennel seeds and Cumin seeds.

1 table spoon each of Coriander powder , red chilli powder, turmeric .

Salt as per taste.

Cloves 4,Black pepper 4,Cinnamon 2 sticks ½ inch long,1 star anise, Some Bay leaves.

Fist full of cashew nuts and a table spoon of coconut powder. Flash purity Mask Mascarilla Purificante Lancaster - Blog de Belleza Cosmetica que Si Funciona

Method of Preparation

Wash chicken nicely, and marinate it with half a table spoon of ginger garlic paste,1/4 table spoon of red chili powder, coriander powder and turmeric powder and ¼ cup of lemon juice. Keep aside for couple of hours.

Soak poppy seeds and cashew nuts for about half an hour in lukewarm water and grind into a paste. Meanwhile blend the onions, tomatoes, all the remaining spices and coconut powder into a smooth paste in a blender.

Mix the paste made previously of cashew nuts and poppy seeds. Take 2-3 table spoon of oil and fry the paste, until it changes color to brown. You know the gravy is ready when all the water is evaporated and the paste leaves the edges of the pan. Keep stirring in between so the paste doesn’t stick to the pan.

Take out the marinated chicken and put it in a pressure cooker with 2-3 cups of water, boil without putting the lid for 10 minutes, now add the fried masala to this and cover it with the lid. Take 2 whistles in the cooker and turn of the gas. Transfer the chicken and gravy into a serving dish and garnish with chopped coriander. Enjoy the fine aroma and delicious gravy with rice or bread.

Quick To Make Chicken Curry Recipe

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