Reasons For Gaining Weight

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The secret of losing weight lies in taking control of our blood sugar levels. For this we need to understand how the type and amount of food we eat influences our blood sugar level.

Our blood sugar level gets affected
when we skip meals by going on a crash diet or by fasting. When we restrict the amount of food provided to our body, our metabolism slows down.  Thus, we don’t burn calories but contrarily start to accumulate them. Hence the fat burning process stops and we gain weight.

Our blood sugar levels are also affected by the type of food we eat. Carbohydrates have a sizeable impact on our blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for our body and get converted into glucose. The glucose is supplied to the body cells by a hormone called insulin, where it is used for energy.

Now the type and amount of carbohydrates we eat affect our blood glucose level tremendously. If we eat simple or excessive amount of carbohydrates; it creates an insulin surge in our system. The supply of glucose to the cells increases dramatically. Hence, the body does not need to burn fat to generate energy. Thus, the body ceases to burn fat, and instead begins to store it.

In fact, our blood sugar level affects the energy level in our body also. It determines whether we burn fat or store it. It also has an influence on how hungry we feel. Whenever there is a surge of insulin in our body, too much glucose or blood sugar is transported out of our blood. Love and relationships tips for improve your relation with your boyfriend, husband or that special friend Love and relationships tips

Thus, the blood sugar and insulin level drop below normal. Thus, we feel a drop in energy level and are also hungry, and tired. It also gives rise to mood swings and cravings, especially sugar cravings. Thus, we tend to eat more and thereby gain weight.

If we do eat something high is sugar content again, it will initiate the same blood sugar spike in our system again. If these are not monitored, they will give rise to blood sugar highs and lows throughout the day. Such excessive production of insulin in the long run can also have an adverse affect on your cardiovascular health and immune system.

Reasons For Gaining Weight

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