Rice with Vegetables

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You often find yourself in a hurry and want to quickly prepare some food and want to make something nutritious as well and wonder about whether there is something that is both easy and quick and yet healthy. We all have rice and vegetables in our kitchen so get it out and begin.

Cho one onion lengthwise and put oil in a pressure cooker and make the onions pink. Now add some garlic and ginger paste and one green chilli cut lengthwise so that it can be removed easily. Cook it of two minutes. Now add the vegetables. Any that you have at home. Carrots, French beans, potatoes, cauliflower. It is alright if you do not put all. Chop the vegetables into large pieces and add into the cooker. Now add half a bowl of uncooked rice and mix it well.

Now you need to add the various condiments. Add a pinch of salt and one and a half teaspoons of cumin and coriander powder as well as a tea spoon of red chilli powder and mix it well into the rice and vegetables. Lastly add one tomato cut into four pieces and mix again. Now add enough water to cook the rice. The water level should be more than the rice. It should be double than that of the rice.

Allow it to cook for up to seven to eight whistles. Open and it is ready to eat. It contains all the vegetable and rice and becomes a wholesome meal. It can be eaten with curd or with some pickle. It is also delicious eaten by itself.

If the kids are eating it you can easily remove the green chilli as it is cut long and the rice will not be spicy. You can make a large amount and eat it for two days. It is healthy for the kids for lunch or dinner. It is not messy and you can give it to kids in a hot case in case you need to send them lunch to school. A good preparation when you have sudden guests and want to make only one thing.

Rice with Vegetables

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