Savor The Wholesome Goodness of Oat Bran Muffins

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You probably are missing out on the healthiest part of an extremely healthy and nutritious food. Oat Bran, or the external husk of the oat kernel, is usually junked during the milling of oats. However, Oat Bran contains high deposits of dietary fiber and numerous other nutrients, like minerals and salts like potassium.

Of late, health conscious people have been demanding for ‘whole grain’ oats, where the oat bran is not discarded from the oats. This makes for a healthy diet, and adds the necessary amount of dietary fiber to the body.

Oat Bran have been found to be greatly effective in reducing the cholesterol count in the body, and is also effective in reducing the effect of carcinogens in the body. Oat bran itself is rather versatile, and could be used to prepare a wide variety of baked or ready-to-eat products, including biscuits and muffins. In fact, breakfast muffins taste rather good when made with Oat Bran!

Oat Bran muffins might not make much use of very fancy ingredients, and is also probably one of the easiest breakfast items to prepare, but it’s also highly nutritious. Oat Bran muffins are different due to their slight crumbling texture, and very unique taste that could be accentuated with certain other flavors as well. In fact, Oat Bran muffins could be prepared using vanilla essence, orange extracts, raisins and well as an assortment of nuts. Delicious to eat, and extremely easy to prepare, these oat bran muffins could well be a regular fixture at your breakfast table, with an adequate serving taking care of your daily carbohydrate and fiber needs. Motos 125 segunda mano canarias

If you want to experiment with Bran, pick up an easy bran muffin recipe from the net, and get started. Usually, a bran muffin recipe would take about 20 minutes to prepare. Here is a list of ingredients, and a rather cool bran muffin recipe that could get you started right away.

You’ll need:

•    750ml of Bran

•    300ml of whole wheat flour

•    60ml of oat bran

•    125 ml of sugar

•    10ml of sodium bicarbonate

•    Salt to taste

•    2 eggs

•    500ml of buttermilk

•    60ml of canola oil

When the oven is preheated to 200 degrees Celsius, all the ingredients need to be mixed in a bowl and the mixture could then be placed in a baking bowl, in the oven. The batch would take about 20 minutes.

Savor The Wholesome Goodness of Oat Bran Muffins

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