Side Effects Of Too Much Protein In Diet

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Protein is one of the important ingredients in a balanced, healthy diet. It helps your body strengthen the muscles, blood and immune system.

Also, in case your body isnt getting enough energy from carbohydrates and fat, protein takes its place to ensure your body gets enough fuel to keep up with the daily activities. Deficiency in protein leads to loss of muscle mass, loss of immunity, weakening of circulatory and respiratory system.

But protein if consumed in high quantities you may suffer certain side effects. Proteins are mainly derived from meat, fish, nuts, legumes and other diary products.If you consume more than the recommended amount of proteins it may put in unnecessary stress on your kidneys.

It is very important for those who are on a high protein diet to exercise regularly. Exercising will help your kidneys flush out the wastes from your body more efficiently.If you are planning on taking up a high protein diet make sure you talk to your doctor and check your kidney function.

Having too much protein will also cause leeching of calcium from the bones. This is caused because the acids released by the body to digest the protein is absorbed with the help of calcium, so if there is not enough calcium in your body your body may take it from the bones.

Studies have shown that women who consumed high amount of proteins were more likely to suffer from broken bones in comparison to those who consumed lesser.Having high proteins can also induce and aggravate allergies in your body.

Also an imbalance in the amount of carbohydrates and proteins in your body may lead to constipation, hemorrhoids and in some cases colon cancer. Athletes who concentrate only on a high protein diet, eventually will find themselves unable to perform their best and may suffer from hypertension and serious heart ailments.

Proteins consumed from vegetable sources are protective to the heart, but eating too much protein from meat sources will aggravate cardiovascular diseases. Also, if you are not careful you may end up consuming fats along with the protein that will eventually lead to increased consumption of calories resulting in obesity, cholesterol and blockages in arteries.

Side Effects Of Too Much Protein In Diet

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