Significance of Cereals

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Rice, Wheat, Maize, Millets, Oats, and Barley are the major cereals, but have we ever pondered over their significance? Cereals are used as staple food worldwide and are cultivated in large quantities.  They are convenient crops as they are easy to grow and are transported without taking much pain.

Cereals are regarded as the storehouse of nutrition. The consumption of cereals is regarded as a secret of healthy living and a healthy diet. Cereals are the components, which come in the category of Carbohydrates. These are easily digestible and are extensively a rich resource for vitamin E, which is fat-soluble.

They also fulfill the regular requirements of minerals like zinc, copper, etc., which are beneficial for the growth of human beings. They are responsible for the attainment of sufficient energy and are a key to personal nourishment.

There are diverse varieties of cereals, which captures the market today. They include whole grain cereals, hot cereals, bran cereal, sugary cereal, and organic cereal. The most striking example of hot cereals is Oatmeal. Cheerios and Kashi are some, which come under the category of whole grain cereals. Bran cereals are the best quality cereals for weight loss purposes they are namely Raisin bran, fibre one and Bran flakes.

Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms are not only types of cereals, but also energy boosters. Last but not the least, Organic cereals are the natural cereals cultivated without the use of harmful pesticides and insecticides.

Cereals are those assets and contribution of nature, which decreases, and minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases and Cancer. This has been stated in the research by American Heart Association. The cereals lay a hand on every individual’s life right from naive infancy to that of matured adult hood.

In spite of possession of all good attributes, cereals are sometimes harmful for health as sometimes-large amount of insecticides and pesticides harm the crop. Not only this, but at times suppliers also show the way for adulteration of these commodities. Proper branding and quality checks of all kind of cereals should be ensured.  People should as well become more careful when buying cereals because of the same reason.

Significance of Cereals

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