Sneaking In Fruits And Vegetables In Your Diet

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Every diet plan or health expert mentions how important fresh fruits and vegetables are for us to stay healthy and fit. But the truth is not all of us jump up and grab the first fruit available to munch on and in fact hesitate to have even two decent portion of fruit.

You should understand that just because the diet plan says you have to eat fruits and veggies it doesn’t mean you survive only on salads, instead come up with new and creative recipes wherein you can include fruits too. In the end you have a healthy meal that is tasty too.

Vegetables can be added to smoothies and juices, though you will be deprived of the fibers that are present in them, you will still be able to consume the required nutrition. But once you are used to it, try and consume the juices without straining it.

In fruit juices you can leave in bits of fruits back so that there’s something to chew while you are sipping your smoothie or juice.You can try various combinations of fruits and veggies and give your taste buds something to munch on.

Though vegetables are good for health, eating them plain may be difficult for those who are finicky about their vegetables. Cook the vegetables just the right amount and inculcate tastes in them that you actually like. You may roast or grill them, add your favorite nuts to it or make delicious sauces in which you can dip your vegetables in.You can also puree your vegetables and add the to your favorite gravy so that you get the nutrition of the vegetable without actually tasting them.

You can also make different kinds of soups, that is the best way to cook and eat vegetables without noticing them. Also, with little tricks, you can modify the taste of the vegetables to suit your taste buds, for eg: bitter vegetables can be soaked in salt water overnight to reduce its bitterness.

It is true that we eat with our eyes first, so try presenting your meal in different creative ways so that they look appealing enough to be put in your mouth. Spend some extra time and effort in presenting the food well.

Give your taste buds sometime to adjust to the new taste, space out the meals well so that you get accustomed to it and dont get bored of the taste. You can explore new tastes by eating exotic fruits and vegetables and adding new spices and condiments to it.

Sneaking In Fruits And Vegetables In Your Diet

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