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The phenomenon of white magic and wicca have gained substantial repute in the present era and most of us ponder over the aspect of healing and staying beautiful forever with wicca. Does it sound like something related to hex and enchantment? No need to feel eerie, in fact, wicca is simply another way of getting close to the mother nature and you do not have to be a great wiccan or know a lot of magic to heal yourself and stay young. You just have to use the resources of nature.

Though it is known to us that our body has an amazing capacity to heal from injuries and cuts, but are you aware of the presence of such fruits and vegetables that help your skin to heal and stay young forever. In short, they help you fight the signs of aging. They are not like magic pills but they surely provide you with a glowing skin and a youthful appearance others will envy.

The Anti Aging Fruits:

Your diet should comprise of fruits and vegetables with high vitamin C contents primarily because it improves the body’s immunity and also acts as a natural healer. Moreover, did you know that a healthy body renders a healthy appearance? Vitamin C helps to combat heart attacks and reduces the chances of strokes, diabetes, high blood pressures and heart diseases as well.

The fruits and vegetables are also replete in anti-oxidants that help your body to heal and repair itself from within. The citrus fruits are a sure source of vitamin C and the best examples are grapes, tangerines, oranges and lime. For a change you can also try out strawberries and blueberries, peaches, cucumbers and apricots as they have a fair share of anti-oxidants in them.

The Anti Aging Vegetables:

The anti-aging vegetables greatly improve your digestive system. Thanks to their fiber content. You mustn’t miss out on the green and leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce or even kale. The carrots and celery are equally rich in nutrients and fiber content.

If you have dull hair and dry and itchy skin then it is time for some fruity vitamin C diet for you. If you can add steamed vegetables to your diet then you will find yourself looking into the mirror more often after sometime.

An easy refreshment recipe after gym:

This time after a heavy workout session, you can try some fruit smoothie for a change.

Ingredients you need:

½ c frozen blackberries

½ c frozen blueberries

½ frozen and chopped banana

Vanilla almond milk – un-sweetened, ½ c

Applesauce – ¼ c

Muscle milk light vanilla crème – 2 scoops

The preparation process is really simple. All you have to do is blend all these ingredients together in a mixer until it is smooth enough. Just one cup after workouts and you are set for a refreshing and rejuvenating day.

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Stay Healthy Naturally

The phenomenon of white magic and wicca have gained substantial repute in the present era and most of us ponder over the aspect of healing and staying beautifu





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