Steps To Prepare Delicious Lemon Meringue

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If you are searching for a mouthwatering snack recipe to impress your friends when they come to your home, here is an apt one for you, Lemon Meringue. With its yummy nature, it is an amazing item that you can easily prepare and serve to your friend to appease them.

To prepare a lip smacking lemon meringue, you can read the step by step instructions described in this article. You can also see the list of necessary ingredients. Learn the method and prepare a yummy lemon meringue with your own hand.


White Sugar 1 cup

Cornstarch 3 tablespoon

All-purpose Flour 2 tablespoon

Lemons 2

Salt 1/4 teaspoon

Water 1½ cups

Egg 4

Butter 2 tablespoon

Pie Crust (nine inch) 1

White Sugar 6 tablespoon


You can start your cooking by preparing the ingredients properly for the dish. At first, you can separate the yolk and white of the eggs and keep them in separate bowls (you need to have four yolks and four whites for the preparation of this item).

Then, you can cut the lemons and squeeze it into a bowl (you have to prepare a fine lemon juice). Now, the ingredients are ready for the cooking. You can reserve them and move on to the next stage.

In this step, you ought to prepare a fine mixture using some of the ingredients. For that, take a medium sized bowl and add two tablespoon all purpose flour to it. Then, add one cup sugar and mix it well. After that, add three tablespoon cornstarch to the mixture and blend it once. You can sprinkle the salt and blend the mixture once again. Then, add water along with the lemon juice you prepared earlier. cacao en polvo para postres

After a fine mixture is made, transfer it to a sauce pan and heat it on a medium flame. While you cook it, stir continuously and, as it gets boiled, add the butter to it. At the same time, take two table spoons of this hot mixture and add to the bowl in which you kept the egg yolks. Stir it well and add this mixture to the sauce pan.

Now, you can reduce the heat and boil the mixture stirring frequently. When the mixture gets thicker, you can turn off the flame and pour it into a pastry shell. Then, heat an oven and keep the pastry shell in it. You have to bake it until it is fully baked. Once it is done, you can take out the pastry and keep aside without losing the warmth.

Simultaneously, you can prepare the Meringue. For that, take the bowl in which you kept the egg whites and beat it well. After that, add six table spoons white sugar to and keep beating. Then, you need to keep the pie crust in heated oven and bake it until it is done (it may take nine to ten minutes to get it fully heated).

Next, you can pour the meringue over it and cover it finely. Now, bake it for at least twelve minutes (or till it gets a light brown color). After that, you can transfer them to a serving plate. Your lemon meringue is now ready to be served. You can serve it before it loses the warmth.

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Steps To Prepare Delicious Lemon Meringue

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