Sugar-free Drink Alternatives

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Sugar free drinks are very popular for the awakening mass of people who are health and fitness conscious. They restrict themselves from the foods or drinks that contain excess amount of sugar in it. Carbohydrates in the form of sugar adds up a lot of calorie to the diet which in harmful for the fitness of body. Excessive calorie is harmful as it is responsible for the gain of body weight as well as results in the problem of hypo-cholesterol.

Thus, it is now being suggested by physicians to avoid consumption of sugar by substituting it with artificial sweeteners. The low calorie sweeteners or artificial sweeteners upon consumption provide the same intensity of sweetness as that obtained from normal sugar but does not contribute to the intake of calorie.

USFDA certifies artificial sweeteners to be safe for consumption with no side effects. The sweeteners contain substitutes for sugar such as stevia, honey and agave nectar. These substitutes are similar in composition to sugar and are readily absorbed in the body as sugar.

Flavored Tea And Enriched Coffee

The various flavored tea available in the market adds on flavor to the hot or the cold drink without any addition of sugar to the drink. The flavors themselves work as the substitution for sugar on the beverage or the drink.

There are a number of different flavored teas that does not require addition of sugar in it. Some of the commonest examples of some of them are cinnamon, vanilla, lemongrass, earl gray, chocolate and many more that are added to make flavored tea.

There have been constant revolutions made in modifying the different tastes of tea. Some of the exotic blends of tea are selected to add a new sensation to the traditional cup of tea. The cold or iced teas are available in various flavors such as mint or lemon balm, which requires no addition of sugar.

On the other hand, decaffeinated coffee can also be an effective option of a sugar free drink alternative. The black coffee is perhaps the only way of consuming coffee without any sugar in it. If milk or cream is added to it, the natural sugar of milk in the form of lactose is added in the coffee. You may add sugar-free syrups to the black coffee for improving its taste and adding sweetness to the beverage.

Other Artificial Drinks

There are a number of drinks in which artificial or low calorie sweeteners are added to substitute the taste for sugar in the drink. Some of the drinks include diet sodas, diet shakes, sugar-free soft drinks and flavored ‘bottled waters’. There are some of the formulating mixes that are being manufactured with sugar substitutes for flavoring water such as chocolate powders, powder mixes and various other drink mixes.

The Spa water or the infused water is being manufactured by addition of herbs, fruits and spices to water in a definite proportion to formulate this infused water. Herbal additives in the form of lime, lemon, ginger, lavender, grapefruit and crushed mint are some of the flavors that are added in the manufacture of herbal enriched and fruit flavored spa water. These are some of the sugar free drink alternatives.

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