Summer Coolers

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Here are two recipes of sherbet that will help you cool off in the Summer. This is a very refreshing drink for the summer time.

For the first recipe of sherbet take a pan and add four kilos of sugar to it. Melt the sugar on the gas. Once it has melted add one cup of milk and half a cup of water. Continue boiling. You will find that bubbles keep coming up while the boiling is going on. Remove this and discard. After this has stopped add about forty to fifty cardamoms and continue to boil. In a cup mix a few sprigs of saffron with hot water and mix it till the the color of the water changes. Add this to the sherbet and continue boiling.

Keep boiling till the mixture becomes a little thick. It may so happen that the bubbles come up all through the boiling process. That is fine; just keep removing and discarding it. This requires at least one hour of boiling. When slightly thick remove from the gas and allow it to cool. When cool store it in glass bottles.

When you want to drink the sherbet add about four tablespoons of it in to a glass, squeeze one lemon and add chilled water and lots of ice. You will feel cool and refreshed.

Another good recipe for sherbet is orange sherbet. For this you will need to mix together half a kilo of sugar and half a liter of water. Heat this on the gas and once the sugar melts add three teaspoons of lemon juice. Continue boiling. Now add three teaspoons of orange color and one cup of orange syrup. Boil till it becomes slightly thick. Remove from gas and allow it to cool. When cool you can store this in a glass bottle. When you want to drink it pour some amount of it in a glass and add chilled water and lots of ice and drink.

These sherbet recipes are great summer drinks and you can make extra and store it so that it lasts you for the entire summer.

Summer Coolers

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