Tea Or Coffee- What’s Your Cup Of Tea?

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Even though tea and coffee have been in use for hundreds of years, the issues related to these most celebrated drinks still succeed to elude humankind. Even the best of the researches in the field have not been able to end the debate.

What’s more, the debate is not only about merits and demerits of tea and coffee but also about which is better- tea or coffee. However, there is no black and white answer for that. It depends upon what your criteria are.

Let us talk about the health concern first.

Though both coffee and tea are said to have good health benefits, a clear winner here must be tea. Especially black, green, and white teas are found to be quite beneficial for health and offer good amount of anti-oxidants. Tea is found to help in dealing with heart diseases, cancer, ageing, body cholesterol, and so on. Even though, coffee also has health benefits, it contains more caffeine when compared to green and black teas. And there is no doubt that caffeine, if taken excessively, has some serious long term effects. lesbiansfootfetish.1blogs.es

Now let us move on to the energizing effect. If you are looking for a strong stimulant- something that energizes you in seconds- coffee might be a better choice. Whether you are a victim of Monday blues or tired of driving for hours, coffee might give you an instant ‘kick’. But bear in mind that as coffee contains caffeine in it you need to control your habits not to get addicted to it.

To sum it up, tea and coffee are both good for health unless you intake them excessively. Most of the people tend to agree that you can take in between 3 to 8 cups of tea (black, green or white) a day without being victim of their negative effects. By the same token, try to limit intake of coffee to 1-2 cups or up to 300 milligrams of coffee powder. The mantra here is ‘take in limitation’. In fact, nothing is intrinsically good or bad; it is up to us to make right use of them. So reap the benefits of both tea and coffee while making sure you do not fall prey to their addictive property.

Tea Or Coffee- What’s Your Cup Of Tea?

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