The Good Fats And The Bad Fats

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We all need Fats. There are various advantages and disadvantages. Because of the many advantages of Fat, we all require it. But there are various disadvantages as well. Let’s first have a look at the advantages. Fat helps in various body functions such as nutrient absorption and nerve transmission. It also helps in maintaining the integrity of the cell membrane.

There are many disadvantages as well. Fats can also create various problems. It can lead to weight gain and its also responsible for diseases like cancer and also the heart diseases. Therefore we can see that there are various negatives and positives of Fats.

We can though keep on using Fats without getting harmed from it. We just need to understand the difference between the good Fats and the bad Fats. We need to use our brain as there are bad Fats and there are good Fats. So what we need to do is to replace the bad Fats with the good Fats.

Some good Fats are nuts, walnuts, olive oil and avocado. All these lower the total cholesterol and the bad cholesterol . Seafood like salmon and fish oil are also good Fats. All these lower the cholesterol. Juegos de Naves Espaciales

Now lets have a look at the bad Fats. The bad Fats are the saturated Fats; they raise the total cholesterol level. Dairy products such as meat and eggs are examples of such Fat. Coconut oil and the palm oil are also examples of such Fats. The packaged food such as the French Fries is also examples of bad Fats which increase the cholesterol levels.

Now how can we decrease the consumption of the bad Fats? You can avoid using the cooking oils which contain saturates fats. The examples of these cooking oils are the coconut toil and the palm oil Instead of these you can use the olive oil or the flax seed oil.

The next thing you can do is to minimize the use of the packaged food. They are bad for health. There are alternatives available in the market. Also reduce the usage of the dairy products. They are harmful.

The Good Fats And The Bad Fats

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