Three Mouthwatering Preparations Of Potato

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Potato is the most popular vegetables in the world. It is available in hundred of varieties depending on the shape, size, taste, color and starch content. Potato are easy to cook and easy to digest. 

Here are some easy preparations of potato. They are so light and easy to digest that you can serve them to a patient also to stimulate his appetite.

Mashed Potato

Mashed potato perhaps is the easiest and lightest preparation of all. There is no such hard and fast rule that should be maintained in this preparation. What you must need is boiled potato. Mash well boiled potato. To give it a taste you may spoonful butter, salt and black pepper. Mix them very well and apply them on toast. To make it more tasty add juliennes of ginger, lemon juice and finely chopped green chili.  Finely chopped coriander leaves or parsley gives an appetizing smell in this preparation. This preparation also goes well with bread and tea.

Potato with Sausage

Boil potato with jacket. Cut them into cubes. Cut sausage into small rings. Heat a small amount of lard in a pan. When lard comes in contact of heat the amount increases. Fry those sausages. Then add cubes of potato and stir. Add salt and little amount of chili flakes. Before removing it from the heat, garnish it with the chopped parsley. You may use this preparation as the stuff of the sandwich or with the plain bread. You can also use it as the stuff inside the roll made by hand made bread. Naves Espaciales, Tu Tienda Online de Artículos Espaciales 🛸

Potato with Minced Meat

Boil large size potato and cut them into large pieces. Now make paste of onion and garlic. Add little amount of butter oil in the pan. Fry the paste and add minced meat. Stir and cook well. Do not forget to add salt to taste and pinch of sugar. You may add little amount of water to make the meet tender. Grate some cheese on a container. When the meat becomes tender add the pieces of potato and stir well to mix everything. Before removing it from the heat add the grated cheese and a table spoon of oregano to add taste and flavor. Enjoy this preparation with steamed rice or bread.

Three Mouthwatering Preparations Of Potato

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