Top 20 Reasons To Do Exercise

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Exercise is termed as a planned, structured & repetitive physical activity for the purpose of total wellness of Body & Mind. In today’s fast forwarding life It is very much important to do regular Exercise. Below are the 20 reasons to do exercise which will be helpful to all age groups.

Top 20 Reasons To Do Exercise

1. Coronary Heart Diseases: Exercise is beneficial for patients of heart disease. Aerobic exercise increases heart strength. The heart’s stroke volume is also increased. The heart then needs to pump fewer times per minutes to circulate the same amount of blood. This represents a long term reduction in the heart’s workload. This is a very important reason to do exercise.

2. Diabetes Management-: another important reason to do exercise is that it plays an important role to control diabetes. Exercise benefits diabetics by enhancing the action of insulin through an increased number of insulin receptors sites particularly in type 2 diabetes.

3. Weight Management: Exercise is extremely beneficial in weight management because it helps to regulate appetite, increases the basal metabolic rate and reduces the fat deposit “set point” level.

4. Bone Disease: Exercise increases bone mineralization, reducing the risk of bone weakness and of potential osteoporosis.

5. Mental health: exercise stimulates the production of endogenous brain opiates, associated with decreased susceptibility to pain, as well as improved mood. It is also been found to be beneficial of schizophrenia.

6. Pregnancy: the potential benefits of prenatal exercise include improved fitness of gestational diabetes, facilitation of labor and reduced stress.

7. Exercise raises blood levels of high density lipoproteins (HDL), which is known as good cholesterol and creating a more favorable ratio of HDL to LDL.

8. Exercise enhances the circulatory system by increasing the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood and increasing the blood volume. Ragdog - Nada más

9. Exercise also helps to reduce stress related eating, since it provides physical outlet for working off the hormonal physiological events produced by stress in the body.

10. Regular exercise increases stamina so that we can work for a longer time and in a better way.

11. Weight training is good to improve muscles and make it strong.

12. It is good for maintaining normal blood pressure. Aerobic exercise is best for controlling hypertension.

13. It is proved by various studies that regular exercise decrease the risk if cancer especially colon cancer and blood cancer.

14. Low back pain is reduced through proper exercise.

15. Regular physical exercise is helpful for proper rest and sleep. In this way people can save themselves from depression.

16. Exercises keep us Fit & Healthy, which in turn improve self confidence level, in this way we can perform better at our workplace.

17. Regular exercise is also helpful in maintaining good mental health.

18. It is also prove d by various studies that risk of heart stroke decreased by 50% after doing regular physical exercise.

19. Ageing process becomes slowly and we become more young and active for more years.

20. Physical exercise is the best way to enhance the immune system of people

Moderate exercise benefits during childhood, adolescents and adulthood by establishing lifelong health benefits, by preventing and treating eating disorders and controlling weight in the respective stage. Life expectancy is increased with physical exercise.

Listen to your own body. When you are tired, rest. When you are hurt, stop. When the level of exercise you do a no longer a challenge and you want to increase it, do so but only then approach exercise sensibly. Choose an exercise that is enjoyable.

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Top 20 Reasons To Do Exercise

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