Top Dumbbell Exercises For Women

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Get a sleek and sexy muscle tone in your arms even in the comforts of your own home with dumbbells. Dumbbells can be used for toning muscles of different areas by performing appropriate exercises coupled with the suitable weight for you. Novices can begin using dumbbells with weights that range between 1 to 1.4 kilograms dumbbells.

Top Dumbbell Exercises For Women

Bicep Curls

This exercise works the large muscle at the frontal area of the upper arms which flexes the forearm. Commence by being seated erect near the end of a seat with dumbbells clutched in both hands, palms faced inwards and placed by your sides.

Feet are firmly planted on the ground at roughly shoulder width distance from each other. The dumbbells are curled up and the wrists are twisted whilst passing the thighs. Once the dumbbells are close to the shoulders then the bicep muscles are squeezed and then gradually reverting to the starting pose.

Another great exercise for toning the bicep muscles as well as improving your body balance and dexterity is the one-legged bicep curls. Grab a dumbbell each in your hands, stand upright and feet beneath the hips. Abdominal muscles must be tightened while bending knees to a slight extent. Dangle arms by the sides and the palms turned towards each other.

Hoist your left foot away from the floor and then slowly move body weight onto the right leg. The arms must be pressed against your sides whilst the dumbbells are lifted to the shoulders. This position is held briefly and then the dumbbells lowered. The above steps are repeated and the legs then switched in the subsequent set.

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Shoulder Press

Stand erect with feet together and dumbbells held in both hands placed at arm’s length down. Raise your arms until the forearms are parallel to the ground. Stretch the dumbbells up over your head, outstretching it and then bringing them close to each other at the highest point above the head. The dumbbells must not touch each other at this stage. Continue doing this exercise for ten to fifteen times.

Tricep Curls

The triceps comprising of 3 bundles of muscles are located at the back of the arms. This exercise helps blast the loose skin of the forearm that becomes apparent while waving out. Stand erect with stomach held in tight and dumbbells grasped in both hands. The dumbbells are then held close to the sides of your chest with elbows pointed outwards to the sides and back.

Stretch your hands behind till the arms are straight and then brought back up to the sides of your chest and halted. Do eight to ten repetitions for tightening the triceps. Try these triceps kickback moves for strengthening the backside of the arms. With dumbbells held in both hands stand erect with your back upright. The abdominal muscles must be tightened prior to leaning ahead to an inclination of about forty-five degrees.

The elbows are then pressed against our sides with the dumbbells hanging underneath the shoulders. The dumbbells must then be pushed behind and halted once full extension of the arms is achieved. Arms are then lowered to the beginning position and the above steps repeated.

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