Ulcerative Colitis Diet

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Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory disease that causes inflammation of the bowel. It usually causes sores and inflammation in the colon and the intestine, especially the large intestine.

Constant and bloody diarrhea is the chief symptom of ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative Colitis should be treated properly so that its symptoms can be controlled and the disease can be treated.One important way to treat and control ulcerative colitis is to follow a diet that is specially designed for the patients of this disease. Some guidelines on ulcerative colitis diet have been given below.

There are certain foods that may aggravate the symptoms in ulcerative colitis patients. You must maintain a food diary and each day you should mention about those foods that have irritated your bowel and have worsened your condition. Within a month you will come to know what foods do not suit you. This will help you to decide about the foods to be eaten by you to alleviate the ulcerative colitis symptoms. In general, the following diet recommendations may suit all the ulcerative colitis patients.

Ulcerative colitis patients usually become the victim of weight loss, malnutrition, dehydration and weakness. Therefore, the diet for ulcerative colitis patients should be well balanced. The diet should include sufficient amount of protein and carbohydrates. Good fats should also be a part of the diet. Vitamins B12 and D and iron are especially beneficial for the patients. At times, it becomes difficult for the ulcerative colitis patients to get sufficient nutrition from their regular diet. Therefore, vitamin supplements can be taken.

Some foods are capable of worsening the ulcerative colitis symptoms. These foods that trigger ulcerative colitis symptoms should be totally eliminated from the daily diet till your physician asks you to return back to your regular diet. Citrus fruits and popcorns are on the top of the list stating foods to avoid. Alcohol as well as caffeine should also be excluded from the ulcerative colitis diet because they can make your symptoms worse.

Other foods that may cause flare-ups in the ulcerative colitis patients are preservatives, salt, artificial sweeteners, and simple sugars. The reason behind their avoidance is that they increase the stress on your body. Some other foods that may cause flare ups of ulcerative colitis symptoms include fatty foods, milk and other dairy products, insoluble fiber, etc. Hence, be wise and avoid the foods that cause flare-ups.

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