Ways To A Healthy Heart

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With the increase in number of people suffering from heart diseases, it is about time we pay attention to the one of the most important part of our body, the heart. How healthy is your heart? We do not give much thought to it and assume it is going to keep pumping blood for us.

But with a little more effort and consideration it is possible to save ourselves from heart problems that may occur due to negligence.

Eat with your head, not your mouth:

While deciding what your diet should be, think with your head and not go by what you are craving. A healthy balanced diet need not be restrictive but include a wide variety within appropriate limits. Make sure you include all the food groups in your diet.

Fats like olive oil, palm oil, nuts, etc. help to increase high density lipoprotein cholesterol levels. Proteins, especially seafood rich in omega 3, are good for the heart. They cut down the likelihood of heart attacks and blood clotting. Including different varieties of foods and vegetables decreases inflammation of the heart.

Throw out refined grains and opt for whole-meal and multi-grain options. Dairy foods help to give you the daily dose of calcium and vitamins but overdoing on it increases fat content in your body.

Try and opt for fresh foods instead of processed. Be careful of your portions. Eat everything but make sure it is not in excess. Eat slowly and chew well giving your body enough time to tell you when it is full.

When eating out, have a small snack before hand to make sure you do not end up overeating. Taking supplements can help when your body is unable to get adequate nutrition even after following a healthy diet.

Activate yourself:

Exercise on a regular basis. Do not just go for a walk or spend an hour at the gym when something goes wrong. Cultivate a habit and you will have a healthy heart. If you cannot find time (which really is not an excuse!) make simple changes in your lifestyle like take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to nearby places instead of driving, stretch as often as you can.

The key point is to lead a healthy and happy life. If you are happy then your heart is happy!

Ways To A Healthy Heart

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