Ways to Include More Calcium in your Diet

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Like any other protein and vitamins, Calcium plays a vital role for the smooth functioning of your body’s organs such as the muscles, nerves and to maintain the strength of your bones. There is no wonder to why calcium is the main component of toothpaste because calcium is what the tooth is made of. And in order to maintain the teeth’s health, calcium is of crucial importance.

Hence, it is necessary to also know that the calcium should be taken sufficiently for your body to perform its functions properly. Else, your bones and teeth will be targeted by your internal organs of the body to make up for the insufficient calcium for the functioning of your muscular tissues and the nervous system to keep your pH levels balanced.

These are some of the ways through which you could make sure to include sufficient amount of calcium in your diet.

• Vegetables like mustard greens, okra, broccoli, spinach, turnips, collard greens and acorn squash are good providers of calcium.

• Dried figs, Lima, kidney beans & navy beans are also good sources of for calcium diet

• Calcium rich soy or cow’s milk is good for calcium consumption.

• Fish is an excellent source of calcium

• Nuts such as almonds, cashews, and peanuts are rich in calcium

• Drinks which are specially fortified with calcium are a very good supplement to intake calcium.

• Cheese & yoghurt too are good for calcium in-take.

When there are dos to get good amount of calcium, there is a side of don’ts too to better the absorbing power of calcium in your body.

• You should see to it that you consume sufficient amount of vitamin D, which helps the cause to assimilate calcium for your body.

• Might be a little bit tough in the beginning, but you should avoid the likes of alcohol caffeine and salty food which will results in low absorption of calcium

• Smoking in another factor which will help in keeping your bones strong and healthy Beverages such as coke should be minimized at the most possible.

Also  dose of regular exercising should be added which will make sure that the calcium consumed is well used by the body to keep you healthy.

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Ways to Include More Calcium in your Diet

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