Why Should You Eat Fish?

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Fish is truly one of the tastiest foods and with the wide variety available and the wonderful collection of recipes all of us love to relish, enjoy and eat fish.

But does fish have any health benefits? Will you be benefited by eating fish on a regular basis? The answer is yes.

Fish is considered as a very healthy food especially because it is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and proteins. Fish is considered to be a low fat food and generally is a part of diet meals to include variety and taste. Baked, grilled, steamed and poached fish are great ways of having fish since fried fish though tasty is not healthy.

There is several health benefits associated with fish consumption. Firstly, the likelihood of developing asthma is very less in children who consume fish regularly. Fish that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids help in maintaining healthy retina and brain tissue.

Cancer in the breast, ovary, prostrate, colon, esophagus and the oral cavity are considerable reduced by 30 to 50 percent.

The risk of heart disease and stroke is considerably reduced, blood vessel elasticity is improved, blood pressure and blood fats are reduced as well as the amount of good cholesterol is enhanced. Requerimientos nutritivos

The risk of developing dementia especially for elderly people is drastically reduced and so are the chances of Alzheimer’s disease. Since depression is linked to low levels of fatty acids in the brain, fish eaters generally do not suffer from depression.

Diabetics can keep their blood sugar at check. Fish consumption during breast feeding is believed to improve eyesight of the baby due to omega 3 fatty acids given through the milk. Several conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and autoimmune disease can be relieved by eating fish.

Research has shown that regular fish consumption reduces the risk of heart disease. Though eating fish is a healthy option avoid fishes with high mercury levels as these may have a negative effect on the human body.

Fish with high mercury include sword fish, tuna, shark, ling , marlin, ray gem fish, orange roughy etc. It is very important that pregnant, nursing mothers, children till 7 years as well as women planning pregnancy strictly avoid these fish.

Why Should You Eat Fish?

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