Yeast Free Diet For Weight Loss

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Yeast is one of those micro-organisms that are naturally abundant in our system. But, an imbalance in yeast levels might occur due to excessive yeast growth within the body. It might become so severe that it can lead to various ailments.

Even weight gain is associated with yeast growth. And a yeast free diet is extremely beneficial in not only keeping yeast away, it also helps to shed excess weight.

The candida bacteria or yeast bacteria often infects the human urinary tract, throat and stomach. People suffering from an overgrowth of candida are advised to follow a yeast free diet that helps to curb the growth of infectious bacteria. Since most processed foods and sweetened substances are the main culprits, these must be completely avoided.

And a weight loss diet also prescribes the avoidance of high calorie foods. Therefore, opting for the yeast free diet would help you to automatically lose weight, even if you are not suffering from candida infections.

Yeast Free Diet For Weight Loss

Abstain from Food Containing Yeast

There are many foods at home that contain yeast. In most cases, we hardly notice them. So, make a conscious effort to remove all of it from your kitchens. Look out for white breads, rice, pasta, chocolate, processed foods, different types of salad dressings, soy sauce, canned fruits, fermented foods like pickles and dairy products.

Even cheese, mushroom and canned meat contain yeast and must be avoided if you are trying to lose weight with the yeast free diet. Sweetened foods like cakes, pastries, muffins and other baked products are equally guilty of increasing weight and supplying yeast forming bacteria to the body.

Therefore, you must be absolutely sure about what you are taking in. In fact, a great way to keep a tab on your calorie consumption can be easily done at home with a pen and notepad. Write down whatever you are having throughout the day and then calculate the number of calories you are consuming. This would give you a fair idea about the extra calories that you should be burning for faster weight loss.

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Things to Include in The Yeast Free Diet

While you are removing most of the regular foods from the yeast free diet, it should be enriched with lots of fresh produces consisting of fruits and vegetables.

Along with this, you can also have portions of lean meat, chicken, fish and eggs. Brown bread and brown rice are also great options for those who rely on rice or bread. Oatmeal and barley can also be used as great breakfast foods.

Therefore, when you are opting for the yeast free diet for weight loss, you must be absolutely motivated and devise alternative recipes from the available ingredients.

And if you are too bored with similar meals, look out for interesting yeast free recipes on the internet and you’ll soon find plenty of ways to satisfy your food cravings. Pair it up with a daily exercise routine and see how the yeast free diet helps you to lose weight.

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