Yoga For Back Pain Relief

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Back pain is a common ailment today due to sedentary jobs which require one to sit crouched in front of the computer for long hours. Bad posture, psychological stress, inadequate exercise, depression and obesity are some of the leading causes of back pain.

If you are a back pain sufferer, you do not have to take recourse to expensive medications or surgery. Instead, try the healthy and holistic antidote of yoga. In this article, we reveal how yoga can help you get rid of back pain and lead a healthy life.

Yoga For Back Pain

Many yoga practitioners say this ancient Indian art has helped them overcome ailments like back pain as it increases flexibility and strength, and effectively counteracts weak and tight muscles, that are the leading cause of back pain.

However, first get the green signal from your doctor and then find yourself a qualified and experienced teacher who can help you master the yoga poses and techniques that are known to alleviate back pain.

Research Reveals Yoga Helps Back Pain Sufferers

A research study conducted at the University of York in Britain found that yoga was more effective in treating lower back pain compared to currently offered treatments. It reveals that practicing yoga poses helped back pain patients improve their performance of daily physical tasks such as getting dressed, bending down and walking.

The results were long lasting and benefited the patients long after the study was completed. The researchers opine yoga can reduce medical costs for both back pain sufferers and government health agencies.

Effective Yoga Poses For Back Pain Relief

The following poses can help to ease your back pain as they can strengthen your spinal cord muscles and make them more flexible:

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Cobra Pose

It can relieve back pain due to damaged discs. However, you should practice this pose under the watchful eye of an experienced teacher to garner maximum benefit and avoid exacerbating the pain. Sharon Stone y Sylvester Stallone desnudos

Corpse Pose

is famous for its ability to relax body and mind and relieve stress. All you need to do is lie down comfortably with your hands loose by your side, and legs slightly apart. Now, take deep breaths and consciously relax each body part from head to toe. Just a few minutes of this pose can give lasting benefits.

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Cat Stretch

This is another excellent pose for back pain relief. Remember to stretch fully and breathe in and out consciously to garner maximum relief.

More Yoga Poses For Back Pain Relief

Along with the above poses, you can also try out the following ones: Bridge Pose,Downward Facing Dog Pose,Child Pose,Reclined Big Toe Pose,Supported Bridge Pose,Pelvic Tilts,Mountain Pose,Triangle Pose,Side-Angle Pose,Standing Forward Bend.

If you are a beginner, take it slow and easy, and stay well within your physical limitations. Gradually, you can increase the intensity and complexity of the poses. You can rest assured that regular practice of the above poses can give you lasting relief from your ordeal.


Along with yoga poses, you can also try meditation to become relaxed, soothe your mind and relieve stress. Most often, it has been observed that back pain is a psycho-somatic ailment that is triggered by chronic stress and tension. Therefore, relaxation techniques like meditation and pranayama can help you conquer stress and alleviate back pain.

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