Yogurt Benefits For a Healthy Day

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Yogurt is also known as curd, but probably very few can identify it. Curd is primarily, dairy product made of fermented milk. Curd is produced due to curdling of milk with lemon juice or vinegar.

One should remember to drain out the excess liquid portion. The remaining portion is the curd or as few would know, it is yoghurt. The curd’s quality will depend on the type of starter you use and the heat level determines the time you will need to curdle the yogurt. In the summer times it will hardly take 6 hours for the process to complete while in winter it may even take more than 10 hours.

Yogurt with its nutritional values presents us with many health benefits. In 150 gm, whole curd the calorific value is 163 while in low fat curd the calorific value is 85. Carbohydrate level is 23.6 g for whole curd and 11 g low fat curd. The protein levels for whole curd and low fat curd is 7.7 g respectively.

The level of saturated fat for whole curd and low fat curd is 4.2 g and 1.2 g respectively while the unsaturated fat level in the whole curd and low fat curd are 2.3 g and 0.8 g and lastly, the calcium content in whole curd and low fat curd is 240 mg and 285 mg.

Yogurt helps to improve your immunity system and it is also a very easy solutions for the ones affected by osteoporosis. If your rising level of cholesterol is a concern for you then try skim curd, also known as low fat curd. The bacteria in curd is a great aid in breaking down lactose before it has any contacts with your body.

This is essential if you have any kind of allergy to lactose. The bacterial content of the curd also helps in food digestion and reduces the problems related to stomach.

Curd also helps you heal if vaginal infection is botheration for you. Studies also show that yogurt consumption curbs the risks involved with the problems of high blood pressure. Even constipation and colon cancer problems can be controlled with yogurt consumption. Treatment of bowel disease especially if it has a burning effect then curd is a very helpful solution.

Its effects are equally strong for treating H. pylori infection. After a heavy work out curd works great as it helps you lose weight and also is good for bones and teeth.

Yogurt Benefits For a Healthy Day

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