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Heart attacks, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, obesity are few very common ailments that we get to hear in our day to day life. But are we actually working towards dealing with them? Just popping pills or crash diets will not help; these will only further cause harm to our bodies.

How about a change in lifestyle, how about to change the way we are preparing and consuming food, how about cutting down on fast food, these few simple things if followed diligently, can work marvels for your health and heart.

Why Change My Lifestyle?

If you think it’s too much to follow…Think again. It’s your life at stake. People are not dying as much of anaemia or malnutrition as much from Heart attacks. Think about being admitted to the hospital, think about those pipes being attached from your nose and other vital organs of the body, think about those needles and syringe, and think about Operation Theatres and those beaming frightening lights on you head with multiple doctors set to dissect you.  If you have imagined even one of the above you are sure to follow the zero oil way of life.


Who Should Follow Zero Oil Diet?

If you are already a heart patient with one or multiple open heart surgeries, this article is for you. If you have ever suffered from angina pain, or have got angiography or angioplasty done, this write up is for you. Or if you are above the age of 45 this article is for you too.

You need not necessarily be a heart patient to follow the zero oil diet plans, you might as well be a working professional or a housewife or anyone who just needs to shed those extra kilos.

Apart from the duties and responsibilities that you are already burdened with how much quality time are you being able to dedicate on workouts and yoga. The high stress levels in corporate life and busy schedules of stay-at-home moms leave them with no or little time for recreational activities and workouts; this is another major factor contributing to increase in number of coronary diseases.

Even when we get time, we generally prefer sitting at home on our comfy couch and watch television or rather catch up with our favourite sport- sleeping! Which further results in crash diets, skipping meals and embarrassment due to increasing body mass?

When you have the option of eating and remaining healthy why starve to death and do crash diets.  Rather follow a scared diet of zero oil, and become hale and hearty. Happy stomach, happy heart will make a happy you!

How Does Zero Oil Help?

From a very early age our body starts depositing plaque of cholesterol in our arteries. Due to which the arterial walls gets narrower, this happens gradually with deposits over a very long period of time. This process is called atherosclerosis. Due to the narrowing of the arteries there is an obstruction to blood flow, and blood supply to the heart reduces with time. When any passage is completely blocked, and heart is unable to receive blood it leads to heart attack. During heart attack the muscle of the artery dies completely where the block occurs, unless blood flow can be restored with four to six hours. blog sobre telescopios

Following zero oil means not consuming even a drop of oil in your food. Cholesterol in our body increases due to oil, ghee, butter, cheese and other dairy products. These not only cause fattening but also lead to increase in cholesterol levels of the body; any kind of oil is bad for health. If we cook our food at home in zero oil it will be ideal. This will not only help you to reduce weight but might also reduce the deposits in the arteries to a lower level, and at the same time will prevent from further worsening of the situation of the arteries.

Is Food With Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids Good?

Food products like almonds, avocados, olive oil, canola oil, etc are few items which are rich in mono unsaturated fatty acids. This sure increases the good cholesterol or HDL, but should be consumed in limits only. As mentioned above, any kind of oil is bad for heart. These can be used as substitute supplements to other products, but should not be used in excess. It contains the same amount of calories as any other oil.

How To Cook Zero Oil Food?

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Learn to use substitutes. For greasing, you can use curd instead of oil or ghee, instead of frying you can rather bake things. For making parathas just dust that extra flour and bake or cook them on the pan like you would have done otherwise. For pies grease with milk and bake, for kebabs add little curd to make it soft instead of oil, for curries cook them in water. Potatoes are not high calorie food unless fried, so use the baked options. For white sauce just skip the butter and follow the same steps you’ll get same results! It is very easy to cook zero oil by omitting and substituting steps.

There are many zero oil recipes available from leading chefs in any book store or over the internet.  The more you practice the more you’ll be able to master the art of zero oil cooking. You will be able to break free from the pre conceived notion that tasty food can’t be cooked without oil. Zero oil cooking will not only help you enjoy food that you are so fond of without remorse but will also keep a check on your calorie intake along with consumption of essential nutrients required by the body.

The vegetables that we eat have a natural resource of essential oils in them as much required by our body. Zero oil food is your gateway to healthier, tastier and more nutritious guilt free munching. Why pay for oil and then medical bills too? Rather save money on oil and you’ll end up paying a lot less in hospitals.

Zero Oil The Sacred Heart Diet

Zero Oil The Sacred Heart Diet

Heart attacks, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, obesity are few very common ailments that we get to hear in our day to day life. But are we actual





Zero Oil The Sacred Heart Diet
Zero Oil The Sacred Heart Diet

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