Best 6 Anti Inflammatory Foods

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Inflammation can occur due to a number of reasons. Our bodies show inflammations as signs of different problems that the body may be facing. Like for example when we get hurt, the most common type of inflammation looks reddish with swelling and pain.

Wrong foods may also trigger inflammation; maybe not on the surface of our skin, but on the insides. That is why being obese and overweight is also sometimes related to internal inflammation. So, what to do? Damned if you eat, damned if you don’t! Well, there are a few foods, which act as anti-inflammatory medication.

Food to Avoid

We are putting the foods to avoid first because even if you start eating the anti inflammatory foods your body is still vulnerable from the insides, if you are taking bad foods. The first things that you have to drive away from are the list of fast foods, overcooked foods and junk foods.

Highly processed/cooked foods and foods with high sugar level will increase the chances of inflammation in your body. Animal meats are important but do not make a habit of having the same everyday. Enjoy the delicious dishes at a limited amount. Drink lots of water.

Six Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods


This marine vegetation contains a certain element known as Fucoidan. This, Fucoidan, is a kind of a complex carbohydrate which helps in fighting off inflammation as well as tumor.

The vegetation also contains anti-oxidative qualities. Though, it is not preferred that you eat this via any packet, which labels the product as the seaweed snack.


Salmon, especially the wild Alaskan Salmon, consists of eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid, which are Omega 3 fatty acids by nature and thus helps in the fight against inflammation.

At least twice a week, is good enough for the consumption of this fish.


This is one magical herb with a non-toxic herb known as Curcumin. It has been proved that the power of turmeric, over the control of inflammation, is equal to that of many other fancy over the counter medicines, without the side effects. Primer video de culturismo de la historia

Green Tea

Green tea has Flavonoids, which not only reduces the chance of heart attack and cancer but also acts as an anti-inflammatory element.


The protein digesting enzyme in papaya (known as papain), takes the help of vitamins E and C and fights off inflammation and improves the digestion process and the healing of burns.

However, do not go for the diet, preserved fruits; these contain many enzymes, which are not quite healthy for us.

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Ah! The nightmare of so many. Alas, it is important for our body’s well-being. It is high on nutrition and phytonutrients, which helps fend off the inflammations and cancer. One of these phytonutrients is sulforaphane.

If you do not find broccoli, or you want something tastier, you may also go for cauliflowers. Cauliflowers are closely related to broccoli and have almost the same qualities.

Some other anti-inflammatory edibles that you can chew on are sweet potatoes, extra virgin oil, blueberries, shiitake mushroom, avocados, apples, oranges, tomatoes, almonds, leeks, etc. Stay healthy!

Best 6 Anti Inflammatory Foods

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