Healthy Diet While Travelling

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It is hard to stick to a healthy diet when you are on a holiday or travelling. Most of the food you get is high in carbohydrates and fats. You put on a couple of pounds within days.

However, if you are cautious you can adopt a healthy diet plan when you are travelling also. Most of the take-outs and restaurants have omelettes. Pick an omelette filled with vegetables, it is a healthy diet option as it contains proteins and fibre.

Request them to cook it in less oil. Some places might oblige to your request; it is always worth taking a chance. Include oatmeal or cereals in your healthy diet plan. However, ensure that the cereal is not loaded with sugar. It is bets if you can find whole grain cereals rich in fiber.

You can also find fresh fruit easily. If the restaurant doesn’t serve it, then try to buy some from the market. Low fats milk is a vital component of a healthy diet. You can easily find low fat or skimmed milk when you are travelling.

Stock some protein bars to stick to your healthy diet plan; you can much on them when you cannot find any other healthy food options. Muffins and burritos are better than other carbohydrates you find in hotels and restaurants. Everything about nails and manicure products Nails Trends

They are relatively lower in fat content, thus a good option for a healthy diet plan. Also, pasta’s are good choice of carbohydrates, as they have a medium GI. This is better than most of the fast carbohydrates you mostly get in restaurants. Eat your pasta in tomato and not cream sauce.

Salads are very important in a healthy diet. But, do not go for salads that have high fat dressings like mayonnaise, thousand island, cheese etc. Instead, opt for salads in little olive oil, lemon juice dressing or vinagerrati. Soups should always be included in a healthy diet plan while travelling; they are also a good source of water.

Again, ensure that the soups are not creams based. Opt for clear soups made from chicken and vegetables. Eat a soup and salad combo; it is quite filling. If you are still hungry, eat some breadsticks.

If you scan through the entrée list in restaurants, you can easily find low fat options to follow your healthy diet plan. Try to fill your stomach with healthy low fat entrees. Opt for dished made from high fibre vegetables like peppers, beans, green leafy vegetables. Instead of fried food, opt for baked or grilled dishes.

Healthy Diet While Travelling

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