Healthy Eating Plan For Women

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Hormonal imbalances are more common in women and this may cause adverse effects on their body. Pregnancy, menstrual cycle, menopause etc are some of the physiological causes of hormonal variation in women and these conditions may results in weight gain.

Diet Plans for Women

In certain cases obesity is due to the genetic makeup of the individual. In certain other cases overweight can be the result of sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, psychological reasons like excessive eating due to anger, tension, boredom etc. Hypothyroidism and certain medications are some other common reasons that contribute to weight gain.

Whatever be the reason the weight gain can be controlled by opting the right food that match the physical activities of the women. Women require different nutrients to cope with the hormonal imbalance, stress, physical activities etc and hence diet plan for women is not merely the slashing of food intake.

Most of the women especially the working women have a habit of indulging excess calories by consuming processed and fast foods and junk foods to satisfy their cravings. But women require healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits as it supplies enough phytochemicals and nutrients that are essential for the well being of the women.

A healthy diet should include fruits, vegetables, whole grain, low fat or zero fat dairy products, fish, lean meat etc and such a diet regulates the sugar level and insulin level in the blood while processed and sweet foods alter the sugar insulin balance in the blood. Most of the women have a tendency to consume sweet foods when under stress and this will increase the sugar level in the blood and upset the hormonal balance. Hence stick to a diet plan that helps to maintain the weight and keep the women fit.

Diet plan for women includes three small meals and two small snacks and a normal woman weighing 135 pounds require 1920 calories to maintain her weight and about fifty percentage of calories should come from carbohydrates, twenty percentage from protein and thirty percentage from fat which can be obtained by consuming around 240 gram carbohydrates, 96 gram protein and 63.4 gram fat. But those who want to shed their weight should reduce this quantity and should follow 1800 calorie or 1600 calorie diet or even lower calorie diet depending on the weight to be reduced.

Sample Weight Loss Diet Plan for Women
1800 Calorie Diet Plan for Women


Have the breakfast with one cup of cheerios, half cup frozen or fresh berries, one cup low fat or fat free milk, half of a whole grain English muffin toasted with either one teaspoon of margarine or low fat butter along with a cup of coffee. Mid morning snack can be five pieces of apricot and one cup of lemon tea.


Make the lunch with one whole wheat pita spread with one tablespoon low fat mayonnaise stuffed with a mixture of one ounce low fat cheddar cheese, three slices of tomatoes, two ounce beef roast and chopped lettuce. Couple this with a banana sprinkled with cinnamon and also takes six baby carrots along with this. Afternoon snack can be three vanilla wafers along with eight ounce of fat free plain or flavored yogurt. Muestras gratis hacer


Dinner should be three ounce of salmon broiled or grilled with mustard, honey and half teaspoon dried dill, 2/3 cup of brown rice mixed with one teaspoon of toasted nuts and ¾ cup of steamed asparagus spears sprinkled with one teaspoon parmesan cheese.

A salad made out of one and a half cups of baby spinach sprinkled with one tangerine, two peeled and sliced scallions and one tablespoon chopped almonds tossed with one tablespoon sesame seed vinaigrette. This diet will provide 1800 calories which in turn help women to maintain their weight.

1600 Calorie Diet Plan for Women

Take twelve ounce of Coffee, one and a half cup cheerios, one cup milk and one tablespoon low fat cream. Morning snack can be an apple along with its peel.


Consume two ounce of turkey breast, two slices of whole wheat bread, 0.15 cup low fat mayonnaise, twelve ounce coffee and one medium sized orange. Evening snack can be one medium sized banana.


Take about five ounce of lean flesh of large fish, one cup of steamed white rice, one large plate vegetable salad along with four tablespoon of reduced fat salad dressing and one spear broccoli. This diet provides 123 grams of protein, 226 grams of carbohydrates, 35 gram fat and 1574 calories.

Reduction in the amount of fat helps to reduce the weight but still provides the energy required to meet the daily demands of the body. Those who want to reduce more weight may follow a 1300 calorie diet and the sample menu for this low fat diet plan is given below.

1300 Calorie Diet Plan for Women

Drink a twelve ounce coffee along with one plain bagel with two tablespoon peanut butter and one tablespoon cream for the breakfast. For the morning snack take a medium sized apple with peel.


Include a three ounce of chicken breast or white meat, quarter cup plain croutons, one large plate salad with reduced fat salad dressing and twelve ounce coffee for lunch. Evening snack can be any one of the fruit like apple, orange, banana etc


Dinner can be with one cup of cooked corn or pasta along with three ounce of white meat or chicken breast, one small plate of salad tossed with low fat salad dressing. This diet plan provides eighty seven gram protein, one hundred and eighty three gram carbohydrate, thirty five gram fat and 1343 calories. Besides taking a well-balanced diet, drink lot of water which helps to flush out the toxins from the body and improve the metabolic rate of the body.

In addition to water drink fruit juices, fruits and vegetables as it provides vitamins, minerals, fibers etc. which are essential to keep the women energetic and fresh. More over take time to consume the food and chew the food properly to ensure proper digestion and this in turn helps to extract all the nutrients present in the food.

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Healthy Eating Plan For Women

Hormonal imbalances are more common in women and this may cause adverse effects on their body. Pregnancy, menstrual cycle, menopause etc are some of the physio





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