How To Lower Uric Acid Through Diet

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The normal numbers for uric acid is 3.4-7 for men and 2.4-6 for women. When the level of uric acid rises, the uric acid starts to ‘crystallize’ and halt on and around the region of the joints of a person. This condition is known as Gout and it is a condition related to arthritis.

The symptoms include sudden and irregular pains from these joints and swelling and redness. So where does the uric acid come from? Well, it is a kind of side product of the breakdown of the compound purines.

As purines can and does come from our diet, we should first limit the amount of purines in our diet. Here are a few things that you should avoid and some you must have, if you are dreaming of reducing your uric acid level.

How To Lower Uric Acid Through Diet

Fried Foods

Fast foods are made of saturated fats and processed fats, both of which are killers for our body. These promote the production of acid in our bodies and weight gain too. As a result of the weight gain, you will feel pain in your joints.

Low Purine Foods

Eating foods with low purine content, or having lessened purine food altogether is a good idea. Hard animal meats such as pork, red meats, beef & lambs are very rich in purine; so it’s best to completely avoid them until you are totally fixed.

If you want to eat purine related food, there are low-fat dairy products, vegetables, nuts, eggs, soy milk, rice, broccoli, fruits, etc. which you can eat.


Water needs no introduction we hope! Water helps treat a number of conditions in our bodies and also help in treating the uric acid problem. It helps to flush out the different impurities in our metabolic system and as with the case of uric acid, it helps to wash the acid from our body and also oils/lubricates the joints affected. So drink at least about a dozen of glasses of water. SD Gundam Battle Alliance - Official Opening Cinematic

Water can also be merged with another element, to help the patient’s condition. It’s lemon juice. Lemon juice is rich in ascorbic acid and also vitamin C. What this can do is, mix up with the uric acid and take the same, with it, when passing through as urine. But beware; if you add sugar to the mixture, you’re back to square one.

Beer and Alcohol

Stay away from beer and alcohol. As alcohol is high on calories, it makes the patients blood sugar level drop thus making the system acidic. Beer, on the other hand, is a purine gold mine.

So drink beer if you are in real need (we doubt that’s going to come!)


While you’re at it, eat foods with high fiber content or eat high fibered foods; daily. What it does is patches the uric acid up with the cholesterol (taken in through different foods) and excrete the whole via urine. Some fiber rich foods are avocado, prunes, bananas, apples, etc.

In addition to all this, you can also make it a habit to eat a couple of cups of cherries. Anthocyanins, present in the fruit lowers our uric acid. Again, make sure you are not having the ones which are mixed with sugar syrup and then sold.

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