How To Make Applesauce- Quick And Sugar Free

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Making applesauce at home is so easy and it hardly takes much time. With absolutely no trouble, you can easily have homemade applesauce with fresh handpicked apples selected by you.

In fact, if you keep on making applesauce for a long time, you will realize that it does not need sugar at all! The sweetening factor of apple does not require sugar to be added to it.


For making applesauce, you will need fresh apples, cinnamon, water. For making the sauce thick, you will need at least two to three apples, so that the consistency remains the same all the time. Along with this, you will need the other accessories so as to help in the making of the applesauce, such as pressure cooker, spoons, a pot and a jar where you will keep the applesauce.


First of all, choose apples that are sweet naturally. You have to determine it by checking them out. If you select apples that are not sweet, then you will need dollops of sugar and still it will not be as sweet as you want! Selecting sweet apples will help the applesauce to become naturally sweet without giving any sugar in it.

Wash the apples and cut them in proper shape. Remove the seeds and put them in a pot. Add some water and a bit of cinnamon to it, so that it adds some flavor and smell. After adding water to it, put the whole thing in a pressure cooker and cover the lid.

Cook the apples for about 30 minutes on a low flame. Once you have done that, keep the apples inside the pressure cooker only so that it gets boiled properly. After some minutes, open the cover of the cooker and take out the mixture. Pour it into a container.

Cool down the apples and once it is done, mash the apples with the help of a potato masher. The apples will become very soft after cooking, so you don’t have to mash it too hard since it is already softened. If you still see some chunks of hard apples, then cook it for some more minutes so that the apples completely soften.

After that is done, remove the remaining seeds and other apple peels, if any. Cook the mixture in the oven for some more minutes until it boils. Cool down the mixture and keep it aside for some minutes. Finally, your apple sauce is ready. After it has cooled down, keep it in the refrigerator and serve it cold.

Other tips

Making applesauce is so easy and it hardly takes any time. It is also very tasty for people who have diabetes. Since diabetic patients cannot eat anything which has sugar in it, they can easily have applesauce since it does not have any artificial sugar in it.

It is sweetened by the natural taste of apple. Store the applesauce in a jar keeping an inch gap; this is because applesauce expands while taking in and out of refrigerator.

How To Make Applesauce- Quick And Sugar Free

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