How To Make Fudge




Fudge is an incredibly versatile treat that is rather sweet-tasting and sinful with an incredible texture. You too can make fudge like a pro by religiously following our step-wise guide.

How To Make Fudge

You can easily prepare good quality fudge by ensuring that all the required preparations have been made and necessary utensils or tools are at close proximity. This is crucial as no sooner has one begun preparing fudge then abruptly halting in the midst of it would result in the entire batch being ruined.


Hence, prior to turning on your stove-top make sure that the pan is greased, ingredients have been measured and check whether you have a precise sugar thermometer for keeping tabs on the temperature when the mixture is ready. The use of corn syrup stops the sugar from crystallizing into bigger granular shapes thus yielding a smooth texture. Moreover, there is lesser likelihood of milk curdling when one uses dehydrated milk.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Serves: 18 pieces


Granulated sugar (300 grams)

Cocoa powder (two tablespoons)

Light corn syrup or honey (1.5 tablespoons)

Dehydrated milk (half cup)

Plain margarine or butter (three tablespoons)

Vanilla essence (3/4 teaspoon)

Finely chopped nuts, pecan/almond/walnut (half cup)


Begin by combining the initial four ingredients in a heavy, tall pan. This choice of vessel ensures that it is capable of holding nearly two times the volume of our fudge recipe. Moreover, a heavy vessel like this one would mean lesser likelihood of causing any burning and the additional space aids in preventing any boil-over kind of fire which can be hazardous.

Those who don’t have dehydrated or evaporated milk can easily substitute by combining three-fourth cup of water along with two-third cup of fat-free dry milk which yields a cupful from which half can be used in the current recipe.The ingredients are cooked over moderate flame and mixed till the sugar thermometer records 234- 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Korean Beauty

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We are also aiming for a soft ball stage which is a particular temperature band (anywhere between 235 and 245 degrees) while one cooks the mixture. We simply drop a spoon of the searing mixture into a bowlful of chilled, icy water. With the help of fingers try gathering the cold mixture to form an orb or sphere which is easily achievable in chilled water once the soft ball stage has been reached, though it tends to flatten when it is exposed to air.

This is a sign that it can be taken off the heat source and we can now proceed with the addition of margarine and vanilla extract. The fudge mixture is then beaten thoroughly with the help of a spatula. Nuts of choice can be added at this stage.

Do not stir vigorously at the incorrect time (i.e., once it has reached the requisite stage) as it makes the sugar crystallize into larger-sized granules. Smaller sized crystals of sugar translate to smoother fudge with a melt-in-the-mouth effect.

When the fudge mix has attained the above mentioned temperature and stage then avoid stirring or shaking the vessel and pour instantaneously since it tends to harden rapidly. While one pours the fudge mix into a greased rectangle-shaped glass dish avoid scraping the sides or base of pan as undesired sugar crystals might get introduced into the final product. Moreover, use a butter knife or spatula to spread out the mixture evenly in the dish. The fudge will take a few hours to set after which one can cut out small squares with the help of a sharp knife and serve. The fudge stays fresh under refrigeration for almost a week’s time when kept in an air-tight box.

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How To Make Fudge

How To Make Fudge

Fudge is an incredibly versatile treat that is rather sweet-tasting and sinful with an incredible texture. You too can make fudge like a pro by religiously fol





How To Make Fudge
How To Make Fudge

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