How To Make Healthy Carrot Halwa

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Any meal is incomplete without a dessert. But serving cakes, puddings and ice creams have become too common. Wish to serve something different yet rich in taste to your guests? Why not try this Indian sweet dish.

Carrot halwa is one of the most traditional sweet dishes of India. Any occasion and celebration is incomplete without it in India. The rich aroma and texture of the dish gives it a very loaded look. Be it a festival or marriage or even a baby shower carrot halwa is a compulsion, more so in winters when carrots are easily available at cheaper rates and sweets which can be served hot are preferred.

At the same time, you need not wait for an excuse to cook this sweet dish. This delicacy can be served with a hot cup of tea, or as after dinner sweet dish or along with scoops of vanilla ice cream too. Carrot halwa, or better known as gajar halwa in India has been a part of Indian culture and tradition since generations.

This easy to make delicacy will satisfy your sweet tooth, yet deliver on the nutritional ailment. Vitamin A in carrot is good for eyes and glowing skin. Carrots also are excellent anti ageing agents since they contain beta carotene, which is an anti oxidant and prevents cell degeneration thus preventing signs of early ageing.

The colour of carrot halwa cooked with milk makes it tempting enough to forget about our detestation of ghee and fats. One spoon downs the gulp and we forget if we ever avoid fat laden stuff. Ranking The Absolute Best Anime Of All Time

Carrot halwa can be made a less fattening option by, skipping on ghee or use 1 tbsp instead of 3 as in the below mentioned recipe and sugar and rather addition of artificial sweeteners or saccharine based substitutes of your choice; use low fat or skimmed milk instead of a litre of whole milk. You can prepare the below mentioned recipe in microwave too for lesser preparation time.


Fresh Carrots 1 kg

1 litre Milk

Crushed cardamom seeds 1 tsp

Ghee 3 tbsp

Raisins (optional)

Finely diced strips of Almonds 2 tbsp

Finely diced strips of Pistachios 2tbsp

Saffron strands (soaked in warm water)

450 grams Sugar


To prepare this Indian sweet dish, we must at first start by doing basic preparations. Wash the carrots and grate all of these. Soak the nuts in warm water and shred them to fine strips. Now put milk on high flame. Once milk comes to boil add the grated carrot to it and stir from time to time.

When the carrots are semi cooked, add ghee and sugar to it stirring continuously add the water of saffron in it (not the saffron strands), till all the milk gets cooked or absorbed.

Add few nuts to it, mix well, and remove from the flame. Arrange the carrot halwa in the serving dish; garnish it with fine strips of nuts, raisins and saffron strand. Serve at any temperature you prefer refrigerated or hot, lukewarm or room temperature, choice is yours!


How To Make Healthy Carrot Halwa

Any meal is incomplete without a dessert. But serving cakes, puddings and ice creams have become too common. Wish to serve something different yet rich in tast



How To Make Healthy Carrot Halwa

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How To Make Healthy Carrot Halwa


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