Maple Syrup Diet – An Innovative Way To Lose Weight Quickly




If you are someone who tries extra hard to reduce your body weight, then maple syrup diet is something that surely cannot be missed out. Maple syrup diet is a cleansing diet that helps to shed pounds and is very popular among dieters as an easy weight loss solution.

Maple syrup diet as a cleansing diet helps to eliminate the toxins which get accumulated in the body because of smoking, alcohol consumption, pollution, consumption of junk food, heavy metals etc.


Maple Syrup Diet

Usually the liver, kidney and other body parts eliminates the toxins from the body but when the quantity of toxins exceeds certain limit, it becomes difficult for the body to eliminate large quantities of toxins on its own. Under this circumstance maple syrup diet helps the body to excrete the toxin buildup and keeps the person fit and healthy.

While on maple syrup diet the dieter should take only the lemonade, water and herbal tea. Ideally maple syrup diet is recommended for ten days. But the beginners of this diet plan can stop this by five to seven days. Maple syrup diet can also be extended up to fourteen days but one should do this only with the permission of a health care practitioner.

Other than this detox plan, maple syrup diet can be followed in other way also. One of which is the relaxed version in which either the breakfast or dinner or both may be substituted with this detox drink but the dieter should avoid processed food, sweets, fried food, red meat, white bread, coffee, dairy products, booze etc.

Then comes the once a week version in which the dieter should take maple syrup drink once in every week and on that day, this drink should be the only diet that he/she takes, however he/she can consume this drink as much as he/she wish. Maple syrup can be taken hot, cold or at normal room temperature.

How to Make the Lemonade

The lemonade can be prepared by mixing three quarts of water with one cup of natural maple syrup, one cup lemon juice and one teaspoon cayenne pepper. This lemonade should be consumed six to twelve times a day. In order to make a glass of fresh lemonade mix two teaspoons of maple syrup with two teaspoons of freshly extracted lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne pepper along with half a pint of cold or hot water.

Tips to Follow the Maple Syrup Diet

During the first day the dieter should consume this lemonade, water and herbal tea only. Herbal laxative tea is recommended to promote bowel movements. Besides herbal laxative tea that is taken during the evening, the dieter can also take sea salt water which is a method of top-down enema.  For preparing salt water flush, mix two teaspoon sea salt in one liter of water and drink this solution.


If a proper bowel movement is not happening then increase the concentration of sea salt.  Because of the consumption of this, the dieter may experience three to eight bowel movements and hence if this solution is consumed ensure that you remain within the house for at least half day.

Some people feel tired or fatigued after this but the lemonade provides all the essential vitamins and nutrients required for the body and does not cause any major health problems. The best time to do flush is early morning when one can remain at home but some people prefer to flush the body in the evening so that they will get a whole night to recover from the tiredness.

From the second day onwards start including foods such as soups and mashed potato but don’t include solid foods. Continue to drink as much of maple syrup drink, herbal tea and water. Include solid foods in the diet from the third day onwards but restrict it to light foods like bread, vegetables and fruits and no fatty foods should be taken. Continue taking the maple syrup drink along with water and herbal tea during this period.

Again rotate the first, second and third day diet up to ten days and do not take any heavy meals at least up to 3 days after the maple syrup diet. During this period consume fruits, vegetables, soups, nuts etc. This is because the salt water flush may destroy both harmful and beneficial bacteria in the body and the no solid food diet may stop the gut from passing the food and hence the consumption of a heavy meal all on a sudden may be painful. One teaspoon of maple syrup contains only 26 calories and hence six glasses of maple syrup drink provides only 312 calories and thus this diet reduces a considerably amount of calorie intake which leads to weight loss.

Benefits of Maple Syrup Diet

Maple syrup diet thus helps to eliminate toxins from the digestive system, kidneys, joints, muscle and blood. It is even considered as an ideal skin care treatment and provides shiny eyes, skin, nails and hairs. Moreover, it helps to relieve the stress and sinus problems. Ultimately maple syrup diet aids in losing weight especially the stomach fat and alleviates certain chronic diseases.

Since maple syrup diet does not include a complete source of macronutrients it is rather called a form of fasting than a diet. It also increases the energy level of the person and keeps the person fit apart from improving his concentration and resistance to illness. During the first day the blood sugar level drops and this cause the liver glycogen to get converted in to glucose to make the blood sugar normal.

Once this reserve is depleted then body reduces its metabolic rate and blood pressure and then drives glycogen from the muscles and cause weakness to the person. From day 2 to 7 the fats breaks down to release glycerol which is then converted to glucose. During this period the immune system and white blood cells increases their activities and internal organs such as lungs, lymphatic system etc. also starts their self-repairing and as a result lot of mucus will be expelled and clear the sinuses.

The period between 8 to 15th day show an increase in body’s ability to heal and provides a feeling of goodness and clarity of mind. By following maple syrup diet one can easily change one’s life style and eating habits.Unless the eating habits and lifestyle are changed, the dieter may regain his/her lost weight easily once he/she returns to his/she normal diet.

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Maple syrup diet an innovative way to lose weight quickly 1

Maple Syrup Diet – An Innovative Way To Lose Weight Quickly

If you are someone who tries extra hard to reduce your body weight, then maple syrup diet is something that surely cannot be missed out. Maple syrup diet is a





Maple syrup diet an innovative way to lose weight quickly 1
Maple syrup diet an innovative way to lose weight quickly 1

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