Vitamins For Hair Growth

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Many people are worried about their hair loss and may try all the products available in the market that claim to promote hair growth. But some of the major causes of hair fall are poor diet and stress.

Hair reflects the general health status of a person and if one does not follow healthy diet and have a hectic life with lot of stress and tensions, then hair loss is inevitable. In order to have attractive hairs, one should be very careful in choosing the food and include maximum vitamins for hair growth. This is because vitamins can keep the hair follicles healthy and stimulate the hair growth. The following vitamins will help to have beautiful and healthy hairs.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B3 which is otherwise called niacin can boost the blood circulation to the scalp by expanding the capillaries and blood vessels in and around the scalp. This in turn stimulates the hair growth. Fish, meat, poultry, wheat germ etc are rich in vitamin B3.

Inositol is another vitamin which is essential for maintaining the moisture content of the hair. Inositol is available from cantaloupe, oranges, melons, high bran cereals etc. Vitamin B5 or panthothenic acid prevents hair loss and helps the hair to grow and prevents the graying of hair. Egg yolks, whole grains, organ meats etc are ideal sources.

Vitamin B7 or biotin helps to stop hair fall and premature graying of the hair. It is available from carrots, tomatoes, almonds, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, egg, milk, oats, walnuts etc. Vitamin B6 plays a major role in determining the hair color and one could get vitamin B6 from eggs, whole grains, organ meats etc. Similarly vitamin B12 also prevent hair loss and hence include eggs, milk, chicken, fish etc that contain vitamin B12 in the diet. Lección 3: Personalización de proceso de negocio con elementos BPMN: Pools, Carriles y Tareas

Vitamin A

This vitamin helps to keep the roots of the hairs lubricated and hence is ideal for hair follicles. It is available from green leafy vegetables, yellow, orange and red vegetables, eggs, liver etc.

Vitamin E

It stimulates the blood circulation to the scalp and thus improves the supply of nutrients to the scalp. More nutrients at the hair follicles produce healthy and strong hairs. Take more nuts, whole grains, leafy vegetables etc to get enough vitamin E.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to produce collagen which is essential to hold the tissues including the tissues of the scalp. Vitamin C also helps to prevent the breakage of hair and moisturize the hairs. Eat plenty of citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwis, tomatoes, pineapple etc to get vitamin C.

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Vitamins For Hair Growth

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